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Stephen Mattox

  1. Orvis customer service strikes again

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  2. Southern Missouri Flooding, May 2017

    I've been away for a couple days, so don't know if anyone has posted about the flooding in Missouri. It is devastating. A state of emergency has been declared.
    Please keep everyone down there in your thoughts and prayers.


    A link to some pics.
  3. My father's fly rod

    My father passed away three years ago at the age of 97, and he was a fisherman. When he died, I ended up with some of his fishing equipment. I have been thinking about him and the fishing trips we made and thought I would like to share some pics of his rod with you all.

    He had one fly rod. My mother bought it for him as an anniversary present in the late 30s or early 40s. It is a Montague, Pelham Brook, split bamboo, 9' 3/4 (That's right, 4 tips), and she probably paid about $6.00 ...

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  4. Bennett Spring State Park, MO

    I know I usually write about the Current River and Montauk State Park here in Missouri, but we have several very nice trout parks. Yes, the trout are pond raised and stocked, but can still be fun and a challenge to catch.

    But back to the title of this post. Bennett Spring is also located in the Ozarks, on the Niagua river. Like the Current and other streams here, it is spring-fed, so the water is cold and clear. As a park, I think Bennett Spring is superior to Montauk. It is ...

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  5. My first trip to the Driftless Area of Iowa

    Met up with fishiowa this week for a couple days of fishing his waters. We met Wednesday morning and fished a small, spring-sourced stream that started in the woods and then ran through a meadow. I was only able to bring a couple to net that day. I did have a nice trout on at the end of the day and thought I had him hooked well enough to land, until we were getting the net ready and he spit the hook. Really, that's just the way it happened.

    Thursday we drove to another absolutely ...
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