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Monster Bass!

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So it's been raining all day what a bummer. It finally let up around sunset and decided to try out my lizard fly today. I knew the perfect spot for it too, a lake by where I once lived around that still have many large Iguanas. This lake has super clear water, nice undisturbed weed beds( No Tilapias or Carp here), and from what I have seen no muddy bottom to the lake. After working the lake for 20 minutes and catching two small LMB's I came upon an area that had fallen tree branches. So I cast the lizard past the left side of the branches and made short slow strips nothing hit. This time I cast right next to it and waited a few seconds. Made two long slow strips and BAM this crazy intense strike came out of no where, made the hook set and fish on!! Fought the fish for 2-3 minutes and here it is

Sorry about the photo it's off a camera phone and that was the best I could do without keeping the LMB out of water to long. Mark this fish is yours buddy!


  1. theboz's Avatar
    Nice fish!!!