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Help identifying very old bamboo fly rod

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I just purchased this old 6 sided bamboo fly rod. It has a rattan grip, ring guides, a 4 inch all metal reel seat (not soldered), male ferrules that are not spiked. 3 sections with an extra tip. The rod is 9 1/2'. The wraps that do remain look to be gold or yellow. No markings on reel seat, metal butt piece or on the rod. I've included 4 images. All sections are of equal length, 1 tip top is missing.

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    I rececently purchased this bamboo fly rod. It is 9.5 feet, 3 sections 1 extra tip. All sections straight and the same length. Reel seat is 4" and is all metal. Grip is ratan. Guides that are left are rings. Wraps( what is left on the rod) appear to be yellow or gold with peach accents around the guides. The rod is 6 sided bamboo. Reel seat is not soldered. There are no markings on the rod. I'm guessing pre- 1900 Chubb, although I couldn't find a rod of this type in Chubbs 1894 catalog. I've tried to include 4 pictures but when I preview the post the pictures do not show up. Just the url's.
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