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    Default NEW Self-Regulating Glue Applicator for Fly Fishing...

    Hello Everyone,

    We are a small USA company that produces a patented, self-regulating micro fluid applicator used primary for the application of adhesives.
    Recently several of our customers reached out to us and asked us to try to 'get the word out' to the Fly Fishing community.

    Our product is the The Glue Looper.

    The Glue Looper part fits into any hobby knife handle. Low viscosity glue is simply loaded into one of three size loopers, then touched perpendicularity to the target area.
    By capillary action the glue disperses into a joint, seam or surface. At that moment the parts are glued together accurately with no excess.
    (All of our applicators are self-regulating and we have different applicators for different viscosity types)

    Now in our seventh year of production we have a strong customer base in:
    The motion picture special effects industry
    The computer industry
    The hardware industry
    Art Restoration, Antiquities restoration
    Woodworking industry and musical instrument design and repair
    Hospitals specializing in surgical research
    Universities Biology departments
    Model-makers and model-builders
    Sculptors, Jewelry makers, beaders and quilters
    (We are in approximately 400 stores around the USA)

    Please visit our website, Creative Dynamic LLC to see the Glue Looper in action and see what the customers are saying about their experiences with this innovative way of applying cyanoacrylate glue and liquid glue.

    Thank You
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