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    I'd like to plane a trip to the Caribbeans this year and do some serious saltwater fly fishing. The Caymans seem pretty attractive. Can anyone recommend the best time and place? Can anyone recommend a good guide?


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    Just heard about this forum and was asked to respond. I'm a guide in Grand Cayman, and would love to answer any questions you have.

    First, the bonefishing is good all year round, but the weather can make a difference in fishability. Winter northers come hard and fast and keep the trade winds blowing to 20 knots most of the time. While there is usually one side of the island or other to find a lee, it is still not easy to cast in such a breeze. I'd not recommend this time of year for folks new to bonefishing... there's enough to worry about the first (or second) time around without dealing with the elements as well.

    Having said that, winter brings the biggest bonefish onto the flats. Recently we've seen 7-9 pounders tailing in less than a foot of water. These big fish like the cooler water temps, and even the coldest cold front only serves to entice them into shallow water (fishing is not shut down like the Keys or Northern Bahamas).

    As for which island, Grand Cayman has bigger fish and more flats, but Little Cayman has more accessible schools of smaller fish. For numbers I'd recommend Little Cayman.

    Finally, if you are planning a pure fishing trip I'd recommend a fly fishing lodge somewhere in the Bahamas. It might cost a little more, but you'll almost certainly catch more fish. However, if you're interested in a little guiding and some Do-It-Yourself, the Caymans are probably a better bet. The accomodations, food, and amenities are much better here than in the out islands of the Bahamas, and the flats are easy to get to by rental car. (I say that having fished in Eleuthera and Great Exuma.) I have a lot of clients who hire me for a day or so and then go it alone the rest of their stay. No problem with me.

    Finally, feel free to check out my website for general Cayman info and the client Gallery. If you're new to bonefishing, there is also a few tips on the Fishing page. You can also contact me directly through this site if you have any other questions.

    Hope this was helpful and good luck with your planning.

    Tight lines,
    Davin Ebanks

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    We are not fly-fisherman but several of our guests have been. Frank sound
    lagoon is a known spot for fly-fishing...a team from Canada filmed there
    last spring. Please visit:

    They have fishing information posted with various Captains names, and other
    useful information about fishing on Grand Cayman and the sister islands.
    Thank you,

    Villa Cayman

  4. Default Fly Fishing Grand Cayman

    My wife & I were on Grand Cayman a few years ago for our honeymoon, and we decided to see if we could find a bonefish guide. We were accomplished trout people, but had never chased Bonefish before. Our hotel hooked us up with a guide and he put us on tons of fish. I would agree with Mr. Ebanks; if you want fishing only, go to a lodge. If you want a great vacation with a few days on the flats thrown in, go to Grand Cayman! It is one on the most beautiful places we have ever been.
    Kyle Jones - Owner
    Mountain Hideaway Fly Fishing Shop

  5. Default Missed Opportunity . . .

    Alas . . .

    My wife and I, brother and his spouse, and all were just recently at Grand Cayman and the keys (first of this month). Time was limited and other activities enjoyed, but I wish I would have met up with you earlier Mr. Ebanks. Much the same as Kyle, I've enjoyed trout fishing for a short while now, but have heard of great trips after bonefish in salt water flats. Not knowing where to start in looking for a confirmed good experience in Cayman, I kick m'self now but will know better for next time. After our trip, we've decided there will most definitely be a next time. Beautiful area and good fun. Thanks for the heads up.

    Te vas por la sombrita

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    Sorry for not replying sooner. We were away from 21st Jan to today. Please check out my web site at My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Best regards
    Capt. Ronald Ebanks

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    I have a condo down there at Morritts(or did before the hurricane-they are rebuilding now) What time of year would you recommend for fly fishing? I used to do a lot of diving on the northside and east end and there were tons of tarpon there. Do you fish them?

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