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    Default Re: Tie more flies than you can fish? Donate!

    Okuma, just got your streamers. I will drop them off today.
    Nice streamers!

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: Tie more flies than you can fish? Donate!

    Hello , I went through all the posts here ,and I guess it's the norm for PHW , to either ignore or just don't have time to contact you when you ask to donate , I have had this conversation with some other guys , it's puzzling ?
    I have heard about the tieing marathons they have , seen the adds and posts they put on twitter ? Is anybody here a member of this organization? I myself would like to get involved but I'm about to the point of giving up ? I've contacted the regional office w/ no response ? I suppose I could call my congressman and see if he can intervene, lol just seems silly at this point , plenty of guys here trying to donate and can't get a response from anybody


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    Default Re: Tie more flies than you can fish? Donate!


    We do a fly tying/fly fishing materials thread here on the forum every November that runs thru April with the sole purpose of helping out the vets in PHW and the gals with breast cancer in CFR. Last year we donated well over 1000 flies and then another 2500 flies from those of Wayne (aka wjl) when he passed away earlier this year. Prior to his passing, Wayne donated three entire Cabelas fly rod outfits to PHW, may he RIP! My contact with PHW is Bob Gartner, I will send you his contact info, I guarantee he will not ignore you.

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