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    Default Re: The War in Heaven

    This is a sad state of affairs, as fly fishers we should be united not involved with infighting over how we fish, but it doesn't surprise me at all since we are talking about Oregon. Isn't it illegal to fish from a boat while floating the Deschutes River.......that seems a little out in left field. Once these kinds of restrictions get rolling it is hard to stop.


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    Default Re: The War in Heaven

    Hi Dan,
    I guess I'm knieve about people who want to stop us from fishing. I don't know anyone who does. I do know about indivduals that polute our lakes and streams with liter and trash, I've known about acid rain, I know about city sewer systems allowing sewage to flow directly into streams when their equipment malfunctions. I know about oil, gas and shale oil miners drilling methods that polute our rivers, lakes and streams. I know about poachers, and underfunded state dnr bugets that let allow crimes againist fish and water go unpunished.
    I've seen the bait and spin fishermen snag and catch my beloved Steelhead, put them on a stringer and dragged from one pristeen pool to the next. The only pleasure most of them get is to brag to their buddies about how many they took home.
    Maybe in some ways I'm an elitist about my trout, catch and release and quality of water, but we flyfishers can and do stick together on things that matter. I think disagreements between us are healthy.

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    Default Re: The War in Heaven

    Quote Originally Posted by tjc View Post
    Hi Dan,
    I think disagreements between us are healthy.
    Healthy disagreement is fine... Taking the step of asking lawmakers to ban a certain legal style of fishing is not healthy disagreement IMO.

    There are groups out there who would stop all types of outdoor activities that involve animals; do a search on "Sea Kittens". Most of their views on these matters have no scientific basis; but they still raise a tremendous amount of money from people who don't know the facts.

    Ask the members we have from Europe, fisherfolks are the targets of these groups.

    Again, my $0.02 worth...


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    Default Re: The War in Heaven

    Quote Originally Posted by rickf View Post
    I think it's because the folks who use a indicator are really only snagging the fish.
    The steel sit in pools only two feet deep, so the leaders are set to keep the fly four inches above the bottom. The so called anglers keep casting in the same pool until they snag the sleeping fish.
    99% of fish are snagged this way. The fish face upstream so once in a while the nymph gets stuck in their mouth.
    I think they also outlaw throwing fish spears for the steelheads in the shallow water! LOL
    Rick, I'm of the opinion that swinging flies sub-surface foul-hooks more steelhead than dead-drifting nymphs below an indicator. My reasoning is this: When nymphing, the fly generally approaches the fish head-on - a fairly small target. When swinging, the fly will often be moving cross-stream as it comes across the fish, presenting a large, broadside target. I'd ask where you got your 99% number from, but I know that 65% of statistics are made up on the spot .

    I'm not anti-swinging at all. I just don't like all the hate thrown back and forth at different methods of angling, when they are generally based on ignorance and misconceptions.

    I think all of our efforts would be better directed toward a unified approach to teaching / reinforcing angler etiquette and ethics across the board, rather than pointing fingers at those who should be our allies.


    It occurs to me this is a very old post. Oh, well.
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    "There can be no good wind for the sailor who knows not to which port he is bound." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

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