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    Default World record lake trout

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    Just for the record a 52-pound, 3-ounce Lake a bit shy of the world record:

    Angler Lloyd Bull
    Weight of Fish 32.65 kg (72 lbs 0 oz)
    Length of Fish 149.86 cm ( 59 in)
    Girth of Fish 81.28 cm ( 32 in)
    Location of Catch Great Bear Lake
    Date of Catch 8/19/1995
    Type of Rod Phillipson
    Type of Reel Penn 49 M
    Type of Line Cortland
    Line Size 30 lb
    Method of Catch Trolling
    Lure or Bait Husky Daredevil

    Don't get me wrong, I understand how the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame maintains a seperate "Ice Fishing Record", yet part of the reason it is not recognized the world over is due to "fair play, fair catch" guidelines.


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    Default Re: World record lake trout

    Awesome fish! Especially for the area . To bad he broke the law!
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