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Thread: Dry Fly Leaders

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    What leader tippet combos do you recommend for windy days on technical waters? Casting to sighted fish requires accuracy and delicacy which gets way hard in a hearty wind.


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    The wind usually blows the bugs off the water and makes it difficult to find a riser. So, we usually wait for the wind to lie down while sipping a wee dram of single malt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dillon View Post
    we usually wait for the wind to lie down while sipping a wee dram of single malt...
    Does this aid our tight loop, wind penetrating casts? Unless we are talking a gale, wind can push flies toward a bank concentrating them. I don't alter my leader/tippet length much...understand casting is impacted by wind but on water presentation techniques can still be performed re-aligning things correctly to achieve a technical eat.

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    The best combo for fly fishing in the wind for me is with a 4x leader and tippet. I would also suggest going with a 6 weight rod because the rod weight will play more of a factor in casting in the wind then leader and tippet size. However 4x should get the job done as windy water will disguise using a larger tippet size. Dry flies are still effective in the wind but I have found attractor flies such as a chubby chernobyl and stimulators bring the fish to the surface. Regardless of wind or no wind 4x leader and tippet should work for you even on very technical waters. A lot of fisherman would probably disagree and say you need to go down to 7x but I'm a firm believed presentation and good casting can allow you to get away with using larger tippet sizes on ze dry fly.
    Tight lines my friend

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    i use 9' leaders and about an arms length of tippet , seems to work . Ive always felt the fish were spooked by the fly line being too close to the fly. Most people I know only throw nymphs with an indicator, they are astounded to see me throwing flies and catching large fish

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    Yes, I am still amazed to see so many people that will be nymphing in the middle of a major rise. I think a lot of them are afraid that they can't get a good float when fishing dries and so don't try.

    I fish a smaller spring creek regularly and would never dream of using anything heavier than 6x, but at the same time I don't use a ton of tippet. I reach cast like crazy so that my line is always above the fly and I think this mitigates the lack of tippet length to some degree. Also, some of the time I will not use a tippet at all. The knot to join the tippet to the line is the weakest point and if the fish I am catching are pretty big I will use just leader because I will break fewer fish off. Again though, I am using 6x so the tippet on the leader is pretty fine. And as it gets shorter I will tie on a new leader instead of adding tippet. This costs more but for someone that doesn't get nearly enough time on the water it is an expense I am willing to incur at times.

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    I rarely do straight-up dry fly fishing.

    But when I do, I automatically add tippet to whatever prefab leader I'm using. Been doing it for decades.

    If you add too much, you can always trim it down. Better than the other way around.

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    I will fish 13-15 ft total length leaders when fishing small dries on a tailwater. I will usually fish 5-6x depending on fly size, and sometimes add 3 ft of 7x fluoro tippet to the end. I have encountered the 7x fluoro floating at times. I also have noted that the fluoro seems stiff. I have recently bought some snake river mud and plan on using nylon next time out and treating it so it will sink. Sometimes if fish are rising, and I am not getting takes, I have a hard time figuring out if it is the leader/drag, fly selection or presentation that is my problem. Figuring out the puzzle is a big part of the enjoyment of dry fly fishing for me.

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    I use 9-10 ft leader with tippet 90% of the time dry fly fishing. Even Silver Creek and such- no problem
    And I use store leaders as the are quite good now (top brands)

    BUT I would like to tell you, that for many years I was searching for perfect leader formula. Cutting skinns tightening knots and tying my ass off!!! My search for "perfect leader formula" ended when I realized I do not know how to cast and went to casting school. After few years of classes and proctice and learning how to cast a bit, I realized that the leaders are not that bad.. that I can cast most commercial leaders and place the fly where and how I want to. So, i do not want o be mean, I know that "leader probles" are indeed casting skill problems.

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    One more thing to add: I may be controversial but I do not understand use of 14-16 feet leaders on spring creeks. In my honest opinion properly placed 10ft leader/line/fly will not spook any trout (unless you use 10wt fly line on spring creek !:-)
    Amazing how often I see anglers casting 12-14-16 ft leader and observing their flies landing on water 5 ft from line tip!!! What is the point of using long leader if it lands like pile of **** (excuse me).y English) If you do not know how to present the fly/leader no formula will ever be good. And I assure you from my experience that I am quite successful fishing Silver Creak, Henrys Fork and such...Yes, of course I spook a fish occasionally but I do not blame a leader when I blow a cast or just miss the target!
    Umpqua, Rio, Varivas, New SA, Trout Hunter.. I use them all and they all good. (Of course slightly different leaders for different size flies but in general today's top nylon leaders are pretty good!)
    (I can sale some of my Trout Hunter reserves- too expensive, I can do equally well with cheaper stuff. I know it)
    Practice casting and knot tying!!! And have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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