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Thread: Dry Fly Leaders

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    What leader tippet combos do you recommend for windy days on technical waters? Casting to sighted fish requires accuracy and delicacy which gets way hard in a hearty wind.


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    The wind usually blows the bugs off the water and makes it difficult to find a riser. So, we usually wait for the wind to lie down while sipping a wee dram of single malt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dillon View Post
    we usually wait for the wind to lie down while sipping a wee dram of single malt...
    Does this aid our tight loop, wind penetrating casts? Unless we are talking a gale, wind can push flies toward a bank concentrating them. I don't alter my leader/tippet length much...understand casting is impacted by wind but on water presentation techniques can still be performed re-aligning things correctly to achieve a technical eat.

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    The best combo for fly fishing in the wind for me is with a 4x leader and tippet. I would also suggest going with a 6 weight rod because the rod weight will play more of a factor in casting in the wind then leader and tippet size. However 4x should get the job done as windy water will disguise using a larger tippet size. Dry flies are still effective in the wind but I have found attractor flies such as a chubby chernobyl and stimulators bring the fish to the surface. Regardless of wind or no wind 4x leader and tippet should work for you even on very technical waters. A lot of fisherman would probably disagree and say you need to go down to 7x but I'm a firm believed presentation and good casting can allow you to get away with using larger tippet sizes on ze dry fly.
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    i use 9' leaders and about an arms length of tippet , seems to work . Ive always felt the fish were spooked by the fly line being too close to the fly. Most people I know only throw nymphs with an indicator, they are astounded to see me throwing flies and catching large fish

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