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Thread: Wild Variety

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    Default Wild Variety

    After a week being busy with other things I needed to get back to the mountains. Even as I was driving I wasn't quite sure where I was going to end up for the day. I planned to take a peek at a number of places along the way and stop wherever the water looked good.

    I ended up here.

    The temperature was good. Actually it was higher than the air, which was at 58.

    Mostly the place held these.

    But then, this.

    Before I caught this one, I hooked and lost a couple of other fish whose colors didn't look like brook trout. Obviously, I can't be sure.

    There was also this - had to be three inches across.

    No more browns, so I moved to another place that was higher and colder. I was happy to see that the water levels higher up were much closer to 'normal'.

    I knew it was colder as soon as I stuck my foot in the water.

    This fish has very odd coloring. Pretty, I think.

    Then came this one. The photo's kind of washed out. It's really prettier.

    It's been a while since I caught wild trout in all three varieties in the same day. To me, it's encouraging to see that there are breeding populations of the three kinds.

    Last year, on the day before Labor Day weekend, there was very little traffic and absolutely nobody fishing. This year it was the same. I love it.
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    Default Re: Wild Variety

    That IS a beautiful little stream.Not surprising you love it

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    Default Re: Wild Variety

    That reminds me a lot of our streams in SoCal! Altho we don't have the low water temp to support any brooks. Thanks for the report!

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    Default Re: Wild Variety

    That brookie with the odd coloring is absolutely the prettiest fish I have ever seen for a fresh water fish. The purple around the spots is so beautiful. I have never seen one quite like it.

    Thanks for sharing that!
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