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    Default Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    Quote Originally Posted by eastfly66 View Post
    S&S , I ordered both the standard nylon furled (76"reg. 8-10lb,4-5-6) and the Big Bug you have from Mike and he got them to me in time for the Farmington tomorrow. If I am reading above right you are starting off the Big bug with .013 to .015 right ? I want to extent this out to 12-15 feet ? Any thoughts on the recipe ? The standard nylon looks like it tapers down finer to 1X I am guessing ...Maybe Mike can tell us.
    This is simple for you to determine with accuracy for yourself. And you have to as different formulations of Nylon monofilament differ in relative stiffness- suppleness and this is a variable that must be taken into account. Just take a hank of material... .013 to start with, form a perfection loop and mate it to the shorb loop and flex it as in the Parabolic Test...if the mono is too limp go heavier or vice versa. Every juncture from line to butt, butt to 1st mono section on down to the tippet must pass this test if one is to achieve fluidity of energy transfer through out. And not just with Furls and Braids...ANY leader design.

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    Default Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    I've used, and really liked, the Orvis braided leaders for years, but I have never tried furled mono. I also have mostly gone with straight tippet instead of stepping down in diameter like you do. I'll have to give the hand tied mid section a try, although I have no real need for a leader longer than 8 feet on my local water. It's always worth trying something new.

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    Default Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    "It's always worth trying something new."

    That is my mantra. A long time ago three of us were invited to come fish what would soon after become the nature Conservancy stretch of Silver Creek. A memorable and exceptional experience. Talking about our day with our host that evening, he asked about our leaders. I was quite proud of my hand tied 12' leader and he said, "Oh, why don't you build a new one right now of 17 - 18' and you will see tomorrow what a difference that will make. I did and...he was right. I learned something new. Now, that is not such big water and even on smaller spring creeks than that today I fish long leaders of 14- 15'. I don't fish much freestone pocket water where I might go down to 10 - 12' but long is long as it can be smoothly turned over with control.

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    Default Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    When i got home from work today I was happy to see in my mailbox a yellow envelope,inside was 1 big bug and 1 76 inch cutthroat mono furled leader.

    Took out the big bug,impressive craftmanship.

    Tried a few different comparisons on big bug with various diameters via the sweetandsalt parabolic test and am 99.9% certain that the one that i need,i dont have.

    013 trouthunter evo.i can get it local but ive been wanting to try some of the TH cdc,so looks like there will something new arriving in the mailbox soon to look forward to.

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    Default Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    I have been using the 50” Big Bug with 12”of 2x to 12”of 3x to 24” of 4x tippit for small creek, sizable brown trout hunting. I tried going leader straight to 4x tippet and it worked OKish for small baitfish streamers and leaches, but not so much the other methods I use. I’ve also tied out longer mono sections, but they don’t work so good in the tight creeks I fish.

    Building down a mono section to tippit has done a great job turning over small streamers, dry/dropper and large terrestrials and adding some 5x gets me into small dry fly’s when the occasion calls. My main rod is an Orvis Recon 864 fished with a true to weight 5 line.

    I’ve also tried furled thread, but they didn’t really offer any advantage over the tapered mono/ knotted leaders I had been fishing. I experimented quite a bit with 6’ salmon/steelhead tapered leaders knotted down to 4x and they actually worked well turning big bugs with short cast. Just not as well as the Big Bug furled nylon.

    At this point I’m of the mind that tuning leaders may be one of the most important things I can do to dial in on special circumstances. I change up fishing styles as I encounter different holding water on the remote creeksI fish, while it’s not practical to carry multiple rods, it been super productive to switch up leaders.

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