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Thread: Love catch and release

  1. Default Love catch and release

    Caught these three brookies out of this little catch and release brook in Northern NY. I had a fourth on, but he wriggled off. Lost my fly box, it fell out of my pocket, so I had to use some flies that I designed but hadn't put them in the box. Guess I'll have to make a couple more now.

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    Very niceI could catch some brookies. Shoot, I'd just like some trout You have a nice little stream. Sorry to hear about your fly box Just stinks, dosen't it
    I like organic chicken..... The kind with the capes still on 'em

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    Default Re: Love catch and release

    Nice fish,nice time zip your pocket

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    Nice looking brookies, way to go, sorry to hear about the lost flies!


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    I usually lose a lot of flies anyway(I'm not careful enough with my back casts), and I only had two flies left so I tried dapping the flies I had left, it was my first real attempt at dapping and I have to say I liked it a lot, so in a way I'm glad that I lost the flies because if I had more I wouldn't have been worried about losing them, and I wouldn't have tried this new technique, if that makes any sense.

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    Nice colors on those brookies. That creek looks alot like the ones I fish close to home. Come to think of it, northern NY is not that far from my place!

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    Sorry about your flies..Nice brookies there and a beautiful small stream; can't ask for any more then that.


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    I practice C & R most of the time but it does bother me some and makes me feel like my cat bringing home birds he catches and plays with. Maybe I think too much but if trout tasted better I would'nt fee so bad. Maybe this is why I've drifted over to saltwater where the fish are more delectable to my palate.

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    I do practice Catch and release, but I was actually refering to the fact that the creek is Catch and release only. It get's quite a bit of fishing pressure, but there is still a really good brookie population, and thus I 'love catch and release'. I can understand where you're coming from though.

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