Georgia has one remaning cold tailwaters the ( Toccoa River ) located just outside Blue Ridge Georgia. Being outside the town makes the river a touch safer then most rivers because the run off from the roads are far and few.....
The limestone bottom with a gravel mixture has alot of good plant growth which give's the trout cover, larger rocks are found down river with good hardy tree's that hold the banks.... This is one of the last remaining tailwaters
which holds Trophy trout which are caught when the waters are coming up or going down. Special thanks to the landowners for planting tree's and putting large rocks along the banks to stop runoff...... We guide year-round and practice Catch & Release on this Blue Ribbon stream, each year large trout are caught by the flyfisherman...... cold water streams are now being approched in a differn't manner that people are now starting to care about their natural resources. Special thanks to the DNR for putting Brookies back in our tailwaters, TU members do a great job as well with all their hard works in our state.