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Thread: NH Brookies

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    Default NH Brookies

    Here are some pics of my recent vacation to NH. The rivers were blown out but, some small streams were fishable.
    Can't get the pics on or delete. Maybe admin or mods can delete. I give up.

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    How i do it is upload the pictures to the internet. There are quite a few sites to upload the photos too, i use

    then you type in [i-m-g]linktopicture[/i-m-g]

    only dont put in all of the "-"

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    Default Re: NH Brookies

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    A small stream that was fun climbing around in.

    With these in it.

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    Those little brookies are fun to catch. Last week-end I went to northern Michigan and caught my first brookies on the fly rod.
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    Yes, they are a blast. I had the most fun climbing around in the boulders catching little brookies. Brookies are so pretty............and eager. I was amazed to watch them attack a fly bigger than browns and rainbows 5 times their size would refuse. Good luck catching more.

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    Brookies are my favorite fish b/c their colors are so beautiful, they fight like crazy given their size, and the streams in which they live are so beautiful.

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    Nice Brookies! We have some very nice Brookies here in the upper North Georgia Mountains....... some of these Brookies can reach 12 inches! The upper sections have deep pools with great food content which gives these fish their sizes. Average size are 4 to 8 inches, we have several nice streams in the upper section of the mountains which have plenty of wild Brookies. TU has done alot of stream restoration on several of these streams which give the Brookies a better chance at growth. I'll try to load some photo's on my photo's or put them in a Album..... Tight Lines!
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    I expect the growing season is longer in Ga than NH. Here's a pic of one my son caught. His first brookie. It's long but thin.

    I'd be interested in fishing the mountain streams of the south some time (NC & Ga). Good luck to you.

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    That looks like a fun little creek. Man I would love to fish that with my 000WT. Looks like you had a great time and caught some cool little brookies.

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