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    Default A mini vacation and fishing report

    Well this was my daughters 1st week of kindergarten so we decided to go on a mini vacation. Originally we were going to go visit some friend on the other side of the state and go visit the park. But due to some last minute issues we decided to go elsewhere. We were had a good time up there, the kids had a blast playing in the lake.

    Getting ready to go

    The Kids having fun


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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Playing in the lake

    As luck would have it my daughter ended up falling and hurting herself, she kept crying that she was hurt even after her nap. So we decided to head back home and have her checked out. Fortunately the doctor said it was just bruised tailbone and that nothing was broken.

    Well the following day my wife said to me why donít you go fish for a little bit. So I grabbed my gear and headed out the door. I decided to go fish a little creek that I have neglected all of this year.


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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    I got to the parking area and noticed a few cars there. I thought to myself oh well I am here to do a little bit of hiking and fishing. So I grabbed my pack and headed up the trail.

    When I got to the waterfall I saw a pretty decent group of people there. So I decided to keep moving up the creek

    Climbing the rocks to get up past the waterfall was fun. Plus there is a pretty nice view.


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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    I was rewarded for my efforts with a bunch of nice little redbands like this

    I decided to hike back down to the pool below the waterfall. There was still one person there and she was fishing with a spin rod. I asked her if she cared if I fished there as well and she said go for it. It was not long before the first redband took my fly. After catching quite a few she asked me what I was using because she was not getting anything. I replied that I was fly fishing. She said oh ok thanks and told me to have fun. I fished there for a while longer catching quite a few more.

    After a while I decided to leave, I hiked back to my car and headed home. When I got home I had a nice dinner waiting for me. I ate it and washed it down with some of this.

    I hope you enjoyed my report.

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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Hi Sasha,

    Thanks for the great pictures. That looks like a heck of a climb to get past the falls.


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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Sasha: Great fishing report and the pictures were awesome! Thanks.


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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Thanks guys! Yea that climb up the waterfall is always a fun one. But then again if you want to get past the crowds you have to do it. Yes the fish are small in this creek (a monster in this creek is 9" here) but those little native redbands are fun on the 000WT. Here are a few more pics.....

    More shots of the kids playing

    A crappy pic of another redband

    The base of the waterfall

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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    That looks like a cool place to fish. I ended up with tooth marks on the handle of my rod. Holding it in my teeth was the only way to get over some boulders in NH. Got any on yours?

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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Sasha, great post. It looks like your outing was a huge success.

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    Default Re: A mini vacation and fishing report

    Sasha- great pics and trip report. It looks like you and your family were having a lot of fun on your vacation. And it looks like you'll have a couple of fly fishing buddies real soon too.

    Great shots!


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