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  1. Default Brook Trout In Danger

    found this article in one of my emails.

    New Data Shows Brook Trout In Danger Throughout Eastern United States

    ARLINGTON, VA—Brook trout populations have been eliminated or greatly reduced throughout almost half of their historical habitat in the eastern United States, according to a newly released assessment by Trout Unlimited and a coalition of state and federal agencies.
    “Brook trout are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to water quality,” said Gary Berti, Trout Unlimited’s eastern brook trout campaign coordinator. “The presence of brook trout in a watershed indicates that water quality is excellent. Declining brook trout populations can provide an early warning that the health of an entire stream, lake or river is at risk.”

    The report, titled “Eastern Brook Trout: Status and Threats,” is the first comprehensive assessment of the status of brook trout in the eastern United States. Brook trout historically thrived in rivers and streams from Maine to Georgia, but land use pressures have largely relegated the remaining isolated populations to the headwaters of high elevation streams.

    The report says brook trout populations remain strong in only 5 percent of their historical habitat in the eastern United States, and that the fish have been eliminated from 19 percent of their historic habitat, and are greatly reduced in another 27 percent of habitat that formerly supported them. The report says Maine is the last true stronghold for brook trout in the East, although Vermont, Virginia, New Hampshire and New York all have high-quality habitat and strong brook trout populations.

    The assessment represents the first stage of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture’s collaborative efforts to restore brook trout habitat. The venture was initiated in 2002 as a pilot program of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. Participants include fish and wildlife agencies from 17 states, federal partners, conservation organizations and academic institutions. The results of this assessment will be used to develop state-by-state strategies for brook trout conservation and recovery.

    The full assesment, as well as state-specific data and maps, are available online at

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    My apologies for dredging up a post from last May, but the title caught my eye. The data is apparently not true for the GSMNP, cause they just this year opened up the park fishing for brookies after being closed for decades. All but a few streams are open.

    Looking forward to giving them a try.


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    Default Re: Brook Trout In Danger

    Don,Glad to have you aboard. I will be heading to TN next week sometime to do some fly fishing on the Bald River in the Cherokee National Forest. Have you had the chance to visit these waters?Thanks,Terry
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    Haven't fished on the Bald. Have been on the Hiwasee and Tellico (several yrs ago). Hiwasee has a trophy section that produces good trout.

    If you have the time head up a little north to the GSMNP for some real small stream fun. Nothing like wild fish, no matter what the size. For some easy access you could fish the Little River by just following the road from the Sugarlands Vistors Center down to the Townsend exit from the park. Follows the river almost all the way. Turn off toward Elkmont Campground and there is good fishing on that branch of the Little also. Want to get away from the roads theres lots of remote streams.

    Have fun.

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    WE still have the best fishing in the East right here in Maine...come on up..enjoy !!!!!

    More wild brookies per mile than any other place on on it!!!!

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