WHen the slow times come for fishin' what is your stream that you can almost bet you'll catch a Trout? Smoky and I done a float tube trip on the lower Toccoa River which dosn't get hit to hard at all........ we put 16 nice sized Trout mainly Rainbows in the net. Lambster missed a Flip Floppen Rainbow between two rocks that broke free, this was a twenty incher that broke water twice that just got plain loose! The thrill of one big fish hitting a size #4 BH Black stone flie was something else, we'd landed some very nice fish! Now float tubing can be alot of fun but can be very dangerous as Smoky found out......... he was standing on a rock that flip him forward, which made him go forward....... bobbing for apples are we I said? It was funny but could have been a bad problem....... this was his first time in a float tube!