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    Default Re: Discerning a strike from the bottom

    Just tought about a trick used by a friend of mine.He put a piece of white fluo nylon thread(don't know where he got it) between the leader and the tippet.It was great to visualize the drift of the nymph and the strikes.

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    Default Re: Discerning a strike from the bottom

    Hi Cliff,
    I guess I should have elaborated more on Lefty's comments (trying to condense a two page article into once sentence doesn't work ). Lefty
    was saying that the strip strike should be used to move the nymph a
    couple of inches, not the line. How much line needs to be moved depends.
    He suggested keeping the rod tip on the water surface, or even below it, and
    that would also help keep the nymph deep in case of a miss or mistaken take.
    I toss my magazines, so I no longer have the article....

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    Default Re: Discerning a strike from the bottom

    Hi Everyone,

    This isn't on subject but a little history. It was in the 50's that I first read about nymphs. It was an article by Ted Trublood. Then it was not till the late 70's early 80's before indicator fishing became popular. I never indicator fished in Alaska. In the 50's we fished wet flies or dry flies and for the general public that was pretty much it except for streamers. Fishing wet flies with no indicator required a lot of practice and you had to stay in contact with the fly. Not as easy as indicator fishing.


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    Default Re: Discerning a strike from the bottom

    My add to the thread...

    Work on fast water with "High Sticking" method.

    This really gets you to understand the subtle ways of your line and what a take is or isn't.

    This years ZEN for me was I fished a 3 fly CZECH style setup and for a brief moment my rod tip went up about 2 inches... I thought HUMM and Set and man I had a fish. Now I think... How many fish have I missed because the rod went up not down or the line didn't got down or sideways it.

    Very simular to those Crappie fishers that have their Tube indicators fall over. They will set when they fall over because the fish hit the line and reduced the tightness..

    My last add 100% of my time is to fish doubles. I believe you can out catch your friends side by side if you just nymph doubles. Heavy Flashback with Midge or larve or wet fly on the bottom.

    Also, I read somewhere a kid will nymph better than an adult because you tell him set the hook when things are different. An adult will think before setting a kid will not.

    Nymphing is a journey...

    This is a great thread to read. I love all the hints.


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    Default Re: Discerning a strike from the bottom

    Cliff, the video clip was short, sweet, and to the point on indi fishing. As I said in an earlier post, if your indicator looks or acts funny, set the hook. Fishing a short line is another important point, you get much better line control fishing a short line; and with careful wading it is surprising how close you can get.


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