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    Default "Haloween Creek"

    It was cold and foggy as I set out towards my destination. I was headed to a place that I had not been to in a little while. This creek does not hold large fish; however it had a good population of feisty little redbands. This was the exact place I wanted to try out my new rod at.

    I reached the parking area and got my gear out. The morning air was cold and damp and the sun was behind the clouds. As I hiked up the trail I noticed that some of the graffiti had been removed as well as some of the trash. This was a welcome site as I felt like I was the only one that ever picked garbage up at this place.

    After a little while I reached my destination. I unpacked my gear and got set up. I decided to start the day off with a #14 royal wulf (not that it really matters at this place). I began to cast my new rod and was very happy with how I was able to throw line with it. After a few casts I saw the tell tale splash and it was fish on. The little redband put a nice bend in the rod. I will say that I really enjoyed the feel of the rod with these little feisty fish.

    After catching quite a few on the wulf I decided to change to a #14 EHC. I had the same results with this fly as I did with the wulf. However out of all of the flies that I messed around with the good ole #16 parachute adams produced the most activity on this day.

    After catching so many of these little guys that I lost count I decided to see how the new rod did with nymphs and other large subsurface flies. As I expected it performed about the same as my TXL. However on a side note I did find it quite funny when one of the little redbands took the #8 stonefly nymph I was throwing. These guys may be small but I personally just love the colors on them and they do put up a fight for their size.

    I hiked back to the vehicle and packed up my gear. I headed back to my house where my family was waiting. You see it was Halloween and the kids were all excited. After a little while it was time for tric or treating. We all had a blast and we got a lot of candy.

    Overall I am really impressed with my new rod. I was able to do what I wanted to do with it and it has an amazing fish on feel. It does feel quite a bit different than my TXL. It is hard for me to say which one I like better as I like them for different reasons. I will say though that this is a good stick and I am extremely happy with it.

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    Default Re: "Haloween Creek"

    Sasha: Great trip report, the redbands are really beautiful fish!


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    Default Re: "Haloween Creek"


    My pics do not do them any justice though.

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    Default Re: "Haloween Creek"

    Nice little lane,nice little creek,nice little fish,nice little children
    Always enjoy your reports Sasha,Thanks

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    Default Re: "Haloween Creek"


    You are becoming the premier story teller and trip reporter here. Looking at your pictures makes me homesick for the arid Colorado mountains. I have a little wood flea rod that I used to take after little fish and loved it as much as hooking a salmon.

    Keep the trips coming,


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    Thanks guys! It is good to hear that you enjoy the reports (that is why I write them). It looks like I exceeded my bandwidth on one of my photobucket accounts. From the email I got it stated that all my pics will be back up on the 6th........ Sorry.....

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