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  1. Default Pyramid Lake advice

    Heading out in two weeks for my first ever trip to Pyramid. I've done a lot of research on it and feel like I have a decent grasp on things. But does anyone have any advice for a rookie that you would like to pass on?

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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    Tyson, go to this Facebook page "Everything Stillwater" and Bruce Smith has been there a million times. Ask him anything about that lake. Tell him I sent you.
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    Sent him a message. Thanks Alan!

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    The southwestern part of the lake has been hitting well. You can pretty much fish from Warrior Pt all the way down past the Tamarracks and Wino beach. Pelican Bay and the Nets are the hottest spots. Get up real early if you want a good spot. For flies you can use Pyramid Beetle patterns on a sinking line that you can pick up at Scheels in Sparks or use big chronomids under an indicator. Red works well. If you don't have a boat find a 6 to 8 ft step ladder. My buddy Arlo guides up there frequently. Check him out at He always keeps up on his fishing reports out there.
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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    Here are some Pyramid flies:

    Pyramid Lake Glitter Midge

    [ame=]YouTube - Andy Burk: Pyramid Lake Glitter Midge[/ame]

    Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm

    [ame=]YouTube - Andy Burk: Pyramid Lake Wooly Worm[/ame]

    Pyramid Lake Tadpole

    [ame= 1B1D]YouTube - Andy Burk: Pyramid Lake Tadpole[/ame]

    Props to Andy Burk.


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    Check out this article written by Mike McNeilly, one of the most consistent fishermen out there.

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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    Tyson, take a sacraficial, hooded wind breaker, some extra fleece, fingerless gloves, and a very warm hat.
    Don't leave anything laying out around your vehicle while you're fishing, (or anytime) the wind may blow it into the lake. ( A couple years ago, the wind tried to steal my 150lb pram off the beach.)
    A friend just fished it for the first time this week. (Did well on midges.)
    His cabin tent almost flew away from midnight till four in the morn.
    Close to 80 mile an hour winds. He and a friend had to yell at each other to hear over the noise, while battening the hatches, in their underware. (I slept soundly in my camper!)
    Be very careful driving on the sand, many get stuck.
    Read and follow the new regs. Barbless hooks now, do not leave your ladder unattended in the water, and use the porta-potty (250.00 cite).
    Check sharpness of your hooks, they should stick in the back of your finger nail.
    If you hook up, don't try to lip them, they have puppy teeth.
    I like a three-step werner aluminum ladder with a lean bar (pipe insulation added to bar). Add 3/4" pvc cross-braces on the legs to keep from sinking.
    This lighter set-up lets you wander down the beach to spots unwise to drive to.
    If you strip a streamer, you'll want a stripping basket too. Drilled holes in my Orvis basket, so it wouldn't be a sea anchor if I swim.
    Oh, and watch out walking on the deadly white clay!!!! Perhaps the most slippery substance know to man/woman.
    Have fun.

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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    Here is a video showing fly fishing Pyramid Lake in the winter, this should get you excited for your trip:
    Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing - Winter fishing in the famous Pyramid Lake. - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher


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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    I've never been, but I heard these are popular:

    I'm still debating if it's the coolest, or silliest, thing I've ever seen.
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    Default Re: Pyramid Lake advice

    All good recomendations!
    I've had good luck with the chartreuse Pyramid beetles and large Egg Sucking Leeches in black, purple and sometimes white. Fished deep, even dragging the bottom. Stripped medium fast usually works best. Vary with jerks if they need more inticement. If wading, bring a stripping basket if you have one. They like sparkle when it's overcast and plain when it's sunny.
    There is no problem with it at the nets, but if you go exploring, watch out for the coarse corral looking stuff that will take your fly quicker than any fish. I forget what they call that stuff but it is hard on anthing it comes in contact with. There is a "lip" just off shore in many places with a sharp drop off into the deep water where the fish are. This means your dragging your fly over the lip at the end of the strip.

    Most people fish the west side of the lake because the fish are bigger. But I have always caught more fish on the east side. From 18 to 20" fish I think is about average for me with some smaller ones thrown in, and an occasional bigger one. I fish the bays at and north of the pyramid when I go eastside.

    For flies and info., you can check out Crosby's at the lake,

    Since the Reno Fly Shop went bye bye, I think Crosby's and Scheels may be the best bet. Not sure if the Sportsman Warehouse or Cabela's has Pyramid specific stuff. May as well stop at Cabela's if you are coming in from Ca. on I-80 , since it's on the way.

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    Just a little something from Crosby's website to get your blood flowing.
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