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    Talking Catch And Release

    Came across an article on the Virginia State website concerning their catch and release streams. In it they say not to "pump" fish forward and back prior to release. I have always done so on "tired fish". Does anyone know of a reason not to?

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    Fish are not designed to swim backwards. Their gills only work when moving forward. It's best to hold the fish in a moderate current or other highly oxygenated water facing up stream. Keep them out of muddy or debris ridden water also. Let the fish swim away vigorously from your hand on it's own.
    If you are with a friend he (she) can stand up stream and swish water over the fishes head to add oxygen to the water and help revive the fish.
    Do not squeeze the fish as this can cause internal injury. Firmly grasp the fish at the tail and cup your hand just behind the pectoral fins when holding your fish

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    Great explaination Yat!

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