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    Default What's in your winter fly box

    I was going to go through my fly boxes and set up a winter box since the season is now upon us here in the eastern part of the Sierras

    I was loading my box with:
    Wooly Buggers (black, rootbear, olive, tan)
    Sculpin and Wooly Sculpins
    Copper Johns
    Pink and Chartruesse Scuds
    Midges (black, red, zebra, green)
    Griffith Gnats

    I usually travel light in the winter, one box, a lanyard with tools, layered clothing, gloves and waders. I can drive to the river in 30 minutes, and usually fish for a couple hours between 10 and 2 when the air temp starts warming up.

    Was curious what others take to the river with them during the winter.


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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    I'm actually tying right now-

    Sculpin patterns (Olive, Gray)
    Scuds (Gray, Tan, Olive, Pinkish-Cream)
    Caddis larvae (Cream, Olive/Green)
    Midge Dries (Cream, Olive, Black, Gray)
    Rubberleg Stoneflies (Black/Tan varegaited, Black, Brown)
    Mohair Leeches (Black, Olive, Ginger)
    Griffith's Gnats
    Small pheasant tail nymphs

    That really about covers it for me from now until the end of February or so, when the caddis hatches start back up and things really begin to get interesting
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  3. Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    Now this being my first Trout season that i've fly fished for I carry a little more than I should.

    In my main box:
    Zebra midges in about 9 colors
    JUJUBEE midges in about 4 colors
    gold-ribbed hare's ear with my twist to them
    wolly buggers in about 4 colors and 4 sizes
    griffith's gnats

    In my other box is the ones I have either just tied up or ones I want to try out which are:
    mircale nymph
    blue midge
    deep blue poison
    grizzyly king
    Brassies w/ my twist to them
    Doc brat's
    parchute adams

    I have a few others that i am going to try and tie up before my next trip this weekend like the superman, green arrow, batman and robin.

    I also carry a few eggs and nuclear eggs just in case but they are last ditch effort if nothing else works. Oh and 2 different types of mice that are kept in the truck just in case.

    Bad thing is that the closest waters is about an hour and half away so I tend to overpack which is a good thing i guess.

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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    If you take out the Sculpins and Scuds my tie list is identical to yours webrx. I've also tied up a dozen Wulffs (Grizzly & Ausable) which is an add-on to your list. Tied some Adams tonight. All of them parachute type. My boxes are getting full.
    I probably won't fish until spring.

  5. Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    Micro's Allot of 26's and smaller. still have the muddlers and such and a bunch of #16/#18 scuds and BWO's.

    #18's Copper Johns, PT, Haresears, Prince

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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    A small addition, (no pun) is size 22-24 little winter stones, or rolled wings. (6 of 1, 1/2 dozen of the other.) A little black dub for the body, and some of the thinest white sheet packing for electronics as a wing. Good dry, and a good dropper. They get sucked under pretty easily. If you fish in snow, it is worth a try. Scan the snow bank to see if they are out and about. Ralf Cutter believes they overnight in the snow for warmth. Brrrrrr.....
    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    Winter Tailwater Box - Size range from 16 to 24.
    • Baetis nymphs and dries
    • Midge nymphs and dries
    • Winter stonefly dries
    • Winter caddis dries

    Winter Lower Yuba/Lower American/Lower Feather Box - Wild Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Tailwater
    • Jimmy Legs stonefly nymphs
    • Skwala stonefly nymphs and dries
    • Baetis nymphs and dries
    • Caddis nymphs and dries
    • March Brown mayfly nymphs and dries
    • Sculpins
    • Buggers
    • Traditional Steelhead patterns
    • Bunny Leeches
    • Egg Patterns

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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    For starts, a 10" Jiffy Ice Auger. It ....uh....flies through ice. We won't have open water here for many moons.

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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    Everything that was in my Summer Fanny Pack and what fell into the pockets because I have yet to figure out how to organize anything for one season let alone two.


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    Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

    OH, GRHEs and PTNs, how could I forget those? I have to look up the superhero flies Quackhead mentioned (Funny, we call our dalmation Crackhead cause he is spastic, you guys related - no offense meant),

    I was also going to add some Girdle Bugs to my box, and now that I have read through these posts maybe a small stonefly or two.

    Good lists everyone!


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