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    Im going on a family trip to Bremerton Washington next July, and I was curious if anyone knew the trout/steelhead/salmon opportunities that would exist there in Mid-July.

    Any info on recomended fly patterns, good places to fish, etc. would be appreciated.


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    Washington State fishing is as varied as its many waterways. Washington State fishing ranges from offshore angling for halibut to warm water catches of bass and catfish to eastern Washington fly fishing for steelhead and other trout. Washington State fishing can be done in the ocean, on lakes, and along the many inland rivers.Eastern Washington fly fishing is some of the best in the country. Eastern Washington fishing is so good because of the cold clean waters of the Columbia River and its tributaries. Rainbow trout and other favored fish species thrive in these waterways.Columbia River is a good bet. On the streams of Washington fly fishing is the best way to catch salmon. Other species caught in the Columbia include sturgeon, walleye, shad, smelt, and trout.

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    I was out in Washington a couple of years ago, stayed about 60 miles NE of Bremerton in a little town called Sequim. During mid-summer some of the rivers can get a little thin in spots, but there is usually some good drift-boat combined with mixed shore-set-up steelhead fishing. Availability of fish depends on the water depth, weather, etc. - you know, just like anywhere else.

    I booked a guide out of the Waters West Flyfishing shop in Port Angeles and had a great time fishing the Bogachiel and Sol Duc rivers. It rained most days (rain should be expected - after all, it is the Olympic penninsula!), but I hooked and landed steelhead every day I fished. There are some walk-in areas on the Bogachiel if you do not want to use a guide and/or do not have a drift boat; but if you want to walk up/down the river very far be prepared for some tough walking/wading. The river channels can get pretty narrow in some places (e.g. no real "bank" to walk on) and the wading can be over heavily mossed rocks cobble-stone sized and larger.

    The steelhead were fantastic - big bright shiny chrome fish that fought very well. I only kept one fish for the entire trip (a 30"+ hatchery fish - had the adipose fin trimmed off for identification) and it was delicious! They were willing to hit an orange Stimulator, but we caught almost everything on a simple fly the guide provided us. I do not know if it had a real name, but it was a simple marabou leech pattern with lead-eyes for weight - maroon and red ones seemed to work the best, but color depended on the water/sun/etc..

    Hope this info helps you. Good luck on your trip.

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    I can't honestly comment on the salmon activity in the area but I did live there for a couple years and focused on trout so I can offer some advice. If your looking for trout you will have to travel or even hike a bit but it can be fun. The Dosewallips can be fun above the falls. If I remember correctly and things haven't changed you will have to hike several miles on a road to the trailhead. The Elwah can be fun above the dam but I heard they may have destroyed the dam so that may have changed things. There is a book out "olympic mountains fishing guide" by Dave Shorett that does a great job detailing the backcountry fishing. Much of which is accessable as day trips if your in shape.

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