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    I was only able to get pics of 2 of the 10 I caught last Saturday(12/19). The other 8 I was in a bit deep or in too fast of water to take my phone out. I am working on getting a waterproof camera for fishing but my phone is filling in for now. It was a hard day of figuring out what was working or getting the bites but not landing them. I'm still waiting on a friend to send pics from 2 weeks ago(12/12) when I had a steller day, but he's being a major d-bag and not taking the 5 mins to email me the pics.

    and then the biggest of the day

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    nice fish, sounds like you had fun. I am gonna try to get out today for an hour or two if I can and the temp warms a little.


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    Default Re: couple pics from last weekend

    quackhead35: Looks like you had a good time fishing, thanks for sharing the photos!


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