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    Default Re: Trout Tactics - upstream or down?

    Lots of variables to my madness but mostly throwing dries and nymphing up stream. I like to attack fish from behind, less likely to spook them. For some reason or the other I tend to spot fish better looking up river. Also easier to land a fish than pulling it up stream.
    I like swinging flies and throwing streamers down stream though, just seems more natural.

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    Default Re: Trout Tactics - upstream or down?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
    Which approach do you use and why? Dry fly, bobber, streamer.
    I'm curious if you pick one approach or the other for each, or use one all the time.
    I'm not into a poll really, just philosophy behind your tactics.

    All of the above. Depends on what the water and fish are telling me and what I've got with me.

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    Default Re: Trout Tactics - upstream or down?

    Good info thanks will come in handy.

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