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  1. Default Re: Spring Fishing at Bennett Spring and Maramec Spring in MO

    Bennett Springs is where I saw real fly fishing for the first time. The graceful stuff, not the stuff I saw some guys doing around a lake when I was smaller and went fishing with dad. The pure grace and rhythmical movement was just captivating. Still working on the grace and elegance part, but I'm catching the occasional fish. They must feel sorry for me

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    Default Re: Spring Fishing at Bennett Spring and Maramec Spring in MO

    Before you go to Bennett Spring I suggest you check out the Fishing Report that is available online (see the link below) from Weaver's Tackle. This has always been a decent fishing report with the exception that the list of "what's hot" (flies) does not seem to change much from week to week.

    Bennett Spring State Park Fishing Report

    Weaver's has changed hands over the winter. Jerry and Brenda have retired and sold Weaver's to a new couple so the fishing report will probably change a little bit - hopefully all changes will be improvements.

    Last, but not least, there were a lot of days in 2009 where the park was not fishable, or the fishing was very poor due to recurring flooding. I also recommend that you check out the water level before you come down - might avoid a trip for nothing if the stream is flooded. You can check the water level real-time at the following link to the USGS Water Resource website.

    USGS Real-Time Water Data for USGS 06923500 Bennett Spring at Bennett Springs, MO

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Spring Fishing at Bennett Spring and Maramec Spring in MO

    Please add this link.

    Weaver's Tackle Store

    These are the new owners. I hope they continue to update the report like Brenda and Larry.

    Larry gave me lots of tips and ideas. He told me about the Bar Clay access and where to fish. I had one of my best brown trout day's down at Bar Clay.


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    PS... I ment to say Jerry not Larry.. I have learned a bunch from Larry as well. I hit post to soon

    Rember Missouri Opening Day is getting closer. We all need to be down there so Spring will happen. It isn't about the fishing it is all about the thousands of Missourians having a great tailgate party. And just like Ground Hog day.. we need to make spring happen so real fishing happens.

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