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    Default Southeastern Minnesota?

    Will be in that area for the first time late in August. The wife will be at the Mall of America, I would like to be on a trout stream somewhere. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I might spent a couple of days wading for brookies and/or browns? It is my understanding that there are many streams in the area so I'd like to narrow the choice a bit.

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    Default Re: Southeastern Minnesota?

    Depends on how far you are willing to drive. Most trout streams are a few hours away from the MOA.
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    Default Re: Southeastern Minnesota?

    Drive time is no problem...will have all day to get there, fish and get back. A couple of hours or less would be great! Lived in Sparks a few years back and enjoyed fishing the Truckee west of town as well as Pyramid Lake. Used to go over into Ca. to fish Davis Lake also. Any information you might have on Minnesota is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Southeastern Minnesota?

    This page should get you heading in the right direction. There are also a few trout waters in NE MN up by Duluth and quite a few in WI too. Just watch out for mosquitoes, they'll eat you alive. There are a couple of man made lakes by St Cloud with trout also.

    Southeastern Minnesota trout streams: Minnesota DNR
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