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    Default Got out for a quick trip today

    It was a cool and foggy morning as I made my way to the freeway. My destination this week was in the opposite direction from last week; as I drove I ate a couple of bear claws. You see I was still surprised by the fact I was able to get a kitchen pass considering it was Valentine’s Day. I did not want to waste any time stopping for breakfast.

    When I got to the river it was still fairly dark. I stopped and watched the water for a bit waiting for it to get a little lighter before I geared up. I noticed a bald eagle fly overhead; man I wish I had an awesome camera so I could have got a shot.

    A short time later I decided to get geared up. I made my way down to the water and started to fish. On the third cast I detected a strike and set the hook. My rod came to life as I fought this wonderful brown. When I landed him I thought that he looked familiar. Yes I had caught this same fish a few weeks ago.

    I went back to fishing….. A short time after the first fish I had another strike. This fish was also real feisty. I landed this one and thought to myself that this is definitely a good sign.

    I had been having a wonderful time catching fish so I decided to take a quick break and watch the water some more. There was not much surface activity. It was not real cold but that overcast cold type of day. There was not really anything in the way of hatches. I did notice one fish that kept rising, I tried to identify what it was rising to but I was unsuccessful in locating any surface bugs.

    I decided to continue fishing and for the short time I was there I had a blast. I only fished for 5.5 hrs today as I promised my wife I would not be gone all day. In the short amount of time I was on the water I managed 7 to net and no LDRs.

    I packed up my things got in the car and headed home to go have a nice dinner (King Crab cooked by me) with my wife. I hope you enjoyed this short report.

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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Those browns are THICK...Nice fish!

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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    As Usual, above and beyond the normal photo spread; I wish you the best in your fishing , very cool report dude!


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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Sasha: Looks like you had a great day on the water, I really enjoyed reading your fishing report and the landscape photos were almost as good as the fish porn! Congrats!


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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Great report and gorgeous usualLucky you Sasha!

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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Always enjoy your trip reports Sasha.

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    Absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Yeah well I'd like to say it is still hard water season here. I have to watch fishing shows on T.V. to see green!
    Okay well I don't hate you but I am green now myself.
    Thanks for sharing you lucky fly fisher!
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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Those are some great photos, Sasha! Your reports always inspire me, and
    now I'm wondering if I can make it to the stream today.....

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    Default Re: Got out for a quick trip today

    Excellent photos Sasha, wish I had as productive a valentines day as you did. My wife sent me to the river, hooked 3, but only landed 1.

    As always, excellent report makes me want to go fishing!


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