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troutman 07-20-2006 12:05 PM

Hot Water
How does a rise in water temp effect Trout fishing? It has been around 95 here for the past several days and the fish are not bitting like they used to. The Hiwassee River that I normally fish runs around 54-56 degrees all year, but with the temps reaching near 100 I know that the water temps are also rising. Could this spike in temps be forcing the Trout deeper and keeping them down until say nightfall before they start eating? Some fish are still rising at 7 when the TVA stops running water, but there is not the number that used to be. Is it useless to fish when the water is say around 62 degrees or should a guy just float nymphs and woolly buggers down to where the fish are? Thanks for all replies.

troutbum 07-20-2006 02:53 PM

Re: Hot Water
Hello Aaron,I think I might be able to awnser your question.(untill someone one else comes along and awnsers it better)When water temps rise trout will hold in deeper cooler water and are sometimes a little harder to hook into.I'm not trying to give you a ethics lecture here because im sure you already know but,trout mortality rises with the water temps,as a rule I never fish when day time temps reach about 92degrees and stay there for any amount of time.I have seen many trout even when properly released, die and float down stream.I remember reading something about the amount of dissolved oxagen decreasing drastically at a certian temp,cant remember what that temp was but I remember thinking it was quite low.So Catching trout in warm water can abd probally will be fatal to all the trout you release.
If someone here knows anymore on this subject please let me know

troutman 07-20-2006 03:50 PM

Re: Hot Water
Thanks for the reply. I knew they probably went deeper, but I did not know about the mortality rate rising with the temps. Hum something to ponder. So till it cools down, or unless it is morning, maybe I should go after Bluegills and Bass.

troutbum 07-20-2006 04:34 PM

Re: Hot Water
Bass and Bluegill are much better warm weather targets than trout,although I would much rather spend a day on my favorite little trout stream than the best bass waters in the world,I know fishing them during warm ,ow water is deadly to trout.Now as far as lake fishing trout or large rivers or rivers with bottom draw dams I dont think the warm weather affects them as much,but I would defenitly stay clear of smaller streams for a month to 6 weeks.I hope I dont come across as one of those that thinks he never does anything wrong but if I know I'm hurting the fishery I do what I can to avoid the situation.
Now go Hang some Bluegills and Bass:icon_smil

Tight Lines

freeze69 07-21-2006 02:38 AM

Re: Hot Water
some very good advice there. as of right now with the temps here in the north it has put me on a hold from steelhead fishing. the skamania are the same way. the water temps jumped up there causing the fish to become lathargic and on the verge of death.

lost a steelie last week to a bad hook. never will buy cabelas brand hooks again. straightened out at about 5lbs. of direcet pull.(another story though) hit the bass, gills, walleyes, or anything else untill the water temps drop.

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