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Thread: southeast michigan steelhead

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    Well this morning i decided to get up early and check the weather and stream flow and seen that it hasent changed since last night so about 7 i crawled out of bed and knew there where fish down river because i walked it yesterday and seen some on reds even in the dirty water. I thought for sure i would see a few other fishermen but when i pulled into the parking lot i was by my self i grabed my fly rod and headed down river. I went right to where i seen the fish yesterday and they where still there plus more.
    The hen was rolling and digging hard i decided to leave her alone and try to hit the drop back bucks well on the second drift indicator goes down and the reel is screaming this little buck was full of energy

    i worked my way back up river and none of the fish where spooked so i gave it 10 to 15 min to watch them and study them to see if i could learn from them so i seen a nice dark spot move up and on my second roll cast indicator goes under and the fish leaps out of the air and seen it was a nice fish i jump in the water and he runs me down river after about 20 min of fighting him i was able to beach him

    after a safe realese i worked my way back up river and seen 3 more on the drop back of the red and roll casted up stream and after 6 or 7 drifts indicator takes another dump and this fish wasnt as lively but put up a nice battle this one fell to an orange egg

    well after going 3 for 3 i worked my way back up river and retied. Decided to try something differnt but on a early girl egg and seen 2 bucks fighting each other i casted up in front of them and they both attacked my egg well make the story short the bigger out of the 2 took the egg and the little one took the ride with him the whole way never left his side and also the little one was just overly aggresive towards him attacking him and bitting him heres the pic

    i couldn't stay all day had to bug out early but what a great day on the Clinton River please enjoy[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Default Re: southeast michigan steelhead

    Nice report...Try uploading your pics to the gallery here...


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    Great report, glad to here you got into em. Dans right you can't upload photos directly to your posts. Upload to the gallery first then click the insert photo icon above and enter the url for the photo in the gallery.
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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    Hi i want,

    Here is a link to a FAQ that explains how to upload and post pictures. Send me a PM if you still have a problem.


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    thanks frank for helping me out

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    Question for the Steelie Fishers...

    Do you ever fish doubles? And if you do have you ever caught 2? I have with bluegills but they don't count. And this weekend saw my first double hook up for trout, only to have the first fish get slack and get off.

    I can't imagine getting two of the beasts on. What a rush one would be.

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