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    Default Czech nymphing for steel...

    Does anyone use Czech nymphs for steelhead? If so, what colors do you find particularly good for which conditions?

    There are a few streams and stretches of river that would really lend themselves to this technique, but I just want to figure out what to tie up. There are some guys that use a similar high sticking method with weighted glow bugs (I think), and they absolutely kill it on a local stream. I'm talking double digit days with pretty good regularity. Regular, unweighted glo bugs and nymphs don't seem to get down fast enough into the rapids that the steelies like to hang out in, so this might be the way to go.

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    Default Re: Czech nymphing for steel...

    Start with the caddis larvae that are common to your area streams; I'm guessing you have rhycophelia...Olive dubbed abdomen with a wire rib, and peacock herl for the thorax and head would be a good start to try...Also the venerable GRHE tyed Czech style should work for you...


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    Default Re: Czech nymphing for steel...

    HRD had some good suggestions.

    Give it a try and let us know how you do. Remember that getting within a rod's length in distance to Steelhead can be tricky. Good luck with it.


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    Default Re: Czech nymphing for steel...

    I mainly want to use the technique on Eagle Creek here in Oregon. It's a small river, about 15ft wide for the most part, but gets good runs of steelhead. Often times, the fish will hold right up against small patches of whitewater, because the levels will drop and leave the river very, very small. A typical nymph rig passes through the hole way too fast to draw a strike, so I was thinking a heavy nymph bounced off the bottom might be effective.

    The run is over aside from strays, so I probably won't get a chance to use it too much, at least on this particular river. I'll probably give it a try on small stretches of the bigger rivers around here for summers as well... at least, when I'm not swinging wets.

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    Default Re: Czech nymphing for steel...

    The little slots you describe are perfect for that style fishing. As MP said work your way into position carefully. I fish spots like that here in the Great Lakes area; it's amazing how many people walk by them.


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    Default Re: Czech nymphing for steel...

    I want to know how well you do also. Sounds like a ball!!

    Cabela's has a Czech fly kit with a couple #8 and #10 that are heavy and colorful. I got it on sale and used my points so I don't know the price.

    I have one stretch of water below a dam and recently I have put a #6 tung head stone fly as the first. It is getting the other two down quickly. and occasionally I actually get a hit on it.

    Again let us know... Trout is fun to high-stick or Czech drag fish but I bet any steelhead would make it even more of a rush and addiction.

    I saw a video where Spanish have actually modified the style with about 15' of leader. You got to be good to plop cast that much but they still dredge with 3 flys and use that much leader and catch fish.

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