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    Beautiful Fish!! Where are you fishing?

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    Fishing McHugh and Tokaryk Lakes in Manitoba, Canada. There's many more world class stillwater trout fisheries in the province but I haven't yet been able to get to them. Next weekend I should be healed up enough to get out.

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    Great looking fish. Are these lakes in Parkland? I'm thinking of taking a trip to that area in Manotiba this summer as I've yet to catch a tiger trout. Seems our biologists here have a preference to get away from stocking species that are not native to Alberta. The Biologists in Parkland got the right idea for sure, wish we could use your biologists as broodstock for our bio's at A.S.R.D.

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    One of the lakes is near the Parklands. It's east of the rest of the trout lakes.

    Tigers are a blast and definitely worth coming for. As Phil Rowley says, "They're sterile fish and pretty pissed off about it." These fish absolutely crush flies. They can be moody but typically if they're not biting....upsize. =)

    In the east side of the province in McHugh (almost near Ontario) they have Sparr, which is a Speckled Trout x Arctic Char. Very pretty fish and have a lot of spunk in cold water! Fall time gives them some of the most incredible colours you can imagine!

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