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jpbfly 05-08-2011 05:04 AM

Chasing little brownies
Last week I went fishing twice and decided to fish the upper sections of the two streams where I spent innumerable hours for years(Orb and Lergue) ...they’re still beautiful and very interesting to cast flies .I specially love the Lergue,I have memories there behind every rock ….this section is very technical unfortunately the density of fish…is but the shadow of its former self…same with hatches.Anyway I could catch some wonderful little brownies on dry (jpb olive & dace’s delight)and enjoyed the scenery.I used my new Streamflex 10’( not a 6’ or 7’ Ard) and really like it( I should post a review when I finish all my tests)
Some pics
River Orb

Stream Lergue

Pic from the pass between the two valleys.

Some little brownies.

Davo 05-08-2011 06:35 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Great photos JP!! Really beautiful water and surrounding scenery!! Thanks for sharing.

madjoni 05-08-2011 06:54 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Hi JP:)
lovely scenario :fishing:
Keep them coming:cool:

yatahey 05-08-2011 07:25 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Beautiful pics JP. I love chasing little wild brownies too. Looks like some really tight quarters between the bushes there. Tough casting.

chuck s 05-08-2011 01:05 PM

Re: Chasing little brownies
The beautiful scenery and nature of those streams offset the low density of the fish by leaps and bounds! What a neat place to fish and make memories!:cool:

mcnerney 05-08-2011 08:36 PM

Re: Chasing little brownies
JP: Both of those streams are really beautiful! Don't let Allan see that water, he might want to move into your spare bedroom! LOL!


creeker 05-09-2011 07:29 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
That's exactly the type of water I love!

HuronRiverDan 05-09-2011 08:13 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Nice looking water JP, very nice pics and report..


jpbfly 05-09-2011 10:44 AM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Thanks guys...I thought you would like these pics;)meaters are allowed to keep 7" trout there....what a shame!:mad::ranting3::ranting3:

Stillwater angler 05-09-2011 05:27 PM

Re: Chasing little brownies
Wonderful river and great little browns....... thanks for posting them.

Your spoilt rotton :p

How big can the browns go in that river ?

I've been hooked on wild browns for near 30 years...... :):).... have a small town river i minute from my door and a larger river, the river Ure, also 1 minute from my door.......... it's great :)

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