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Thread: Fall Lake Browns and 'Bows

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    it's getting nearer and nearer to that time of the year, when the brownies and 'bows come to spawn... I live near a few lakes and would love to catch 'em on the way by. Since I usually rely on reports and whatnot...what would you look for as far as temp/weather/time of year? What flies do you use?

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    i guess this would fall in the category of scouting.. if the local fly shops, and sporting good shops cant or wont give you good info, id go out to the fishing spots or simply drive around the circumference of the area you think would be good fishing (and others) and watch boaters comming in and ask how they did, notice the terminal takle on thier poles, and just simply ask if the browns are spawning yet and what area they think they may be.. bank fishermen are easiest to talk to around here, of course some are not.. if your fishing for a while on an area around here and to talk to a guy catching fish its customary for the fortunate fisherman to give the unfortunate one a fly that will do the job.. a pair of binoculars will give you lots of info. scouting can be fun also, and it can tell you alot of what is happening, and where to go, and the best times.. its hard to hide when your catching fish.. the streams where the browns go to spawn are usually closed when they are spawning here, that would also be a tip.. call your fish and game and ask for the area biologist they will be glad to give you any info he/she has, your paying his wages.. dave

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