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  1. Default dry fly hook size on 5 wt.

    I've been fishing for bass, pike, etc. for a while. I was wondering what the range of hook sizes were you could tie a dry fly on, while using a 5 wt. rod, while fishing for trout.

  2. Default Re: dry fly hook size on 5 wt.

    I have and still use 10 to a 32. But the 32 is usually on my Far-n-Fine.
    You are talking about a dry fly, right?

  3. Default Re: dry fly hook size on 5 wt.

    Yes I'm talking about dry flies, thanks for the input joni.

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    Default Re: dry fly hook size on 5 wt.

    I agree with Joni on the size range, with the exception that you could throw hoppers and such size 6 and 8 if need be, thought casting them far might be tough. A 6 wt would be more ideal for flies that bulky.

    Just trying to say that if you regularly need to throw big hoppers, you can do it with your 5wt, and don't need to buy a heavier rod.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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