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Thread: Mayfly Hatch

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    Hey I am new to the forum, and new to fly fishing. I have been doing a lot of research online to try to learn as much as possible about the sport. I was out today at my favorite trout pond and there was a pretty big mayfly hatch coming off the water. I am just wondering what is your favorite fly to use during mayfly hatches?

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    Do your best to match color and size. Most stillwater mayflies are of the Callibaetis species. They have a grayish body. Hook size for adults will range from 16 to 20. A generic dry fly like an Adams or the parachute variant of it will work fine.


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    I carry a few different patterns, but fish Blue-Winged Olive, Adams, and Light Cahills. I also use deer or elk hair Caddis, and have lately been using X-Caddis flies. The X-Caddis has the fish going nuts! I narrowed down my dry flies after
    reading an article by Lefty Kreh 5-6 years ago. He uses Adams for dark flies, and Light Cahills for light flies. Dave Hughes also recommends these two flies, along with the blue-winged olive for a simplified dry fly selection. I tie 99.9% of my Adams, Cahills, and BWO's parachute style. Parachute allows the body to sit in the water, and that's how I see most insects.

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    I agree with MP and FB2. I personally tie the para. style, BUT Tues. night we tied Sparkle Duns, and Comparaduns, which are suppose to be another good mayfly pattern.

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