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    Default Brown Vs. Speckled

    I was at my local favourite pond tonight, and as usual, catching decent Browns, up to ~ 12 inches. I got to thinking (dangerous, I know) that in this pond, biggest Brookie I've ever landed was about 9 ins, but have caught numerous bigger Browns, with several in the 3 lb range.

    At first thought, it would only make sense that if there's plenty in the 3 lb range of one species there, so should there be fish of the similar size in a different breed.

    Now, several questions come to mind:

    • I know Browns mature larger than Speckled, but what is the rate of growth from hatch of one compared to the other?
    • Is one species dominant of the other in cohabitation? (Note this pond is landlocked, and no obvious or visible way in or out because of a beaver dam.)
    • What causes the assumed proliference of large Browns over the other? Are Browns smarter and are not as quick to take an unnatural bait? Are Brookies smarter and the big ones just know where to stay to avoid the hook?

    So many fish, so many questions, so little time!!!!!

    Tight lines everyone!!


  2. Default Re: Brown Vs. Speckled

    well i think this is your problem, if browns were in there first at some point, they're probably munching on some of the brookies, a 3 lb brown trout would definitely eat a 9inch brookie. Brookies are definitely not a smarter fish then browns i would say from past experiences. I've watched little brookies try to eat pine needles.

    Hope this answers some of your questions!

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    Default Re: Brown Vs. Speckled

    Part of the problem is the natural maximum size of the two species. Brook Trout get nowhere near as big as Brown Trout do. The biggest Brook Trout I can find is the 14 lb. 8 oz. Brookie from the Nipigon River caught in 1916. Believe me when I say, that is 7 times bigger than a big Brookie anywhere else. As big a freakish Monster as that is, I know of places where you can go and get back to back Browns that will top that for size. The biggest Brown Trout I can find dwarfs the monster Brookie from the Nipigon by a lot. In fact it may have been able to eat the Brookie. In this corner wearing brown spotted shorts, weighing in at 41 lb. 7 oz., the master of the Big Manistee River...... Saaaaaalmo truttaaaaaa! (what.... no smilies with boxing gloves?)

    In sumation, it's not going to be a fair fight.

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    Default Re: Brown Vs. Speckled

    As others have mentioned. It seems to me that probably the browns are feeding on some brookies and thier fry. If I were you I would tie on a pattern to mimmick this and maximize. If you are dead set on catching the biggest brookie in the lake, use a size up hook or two on whatever pattern is working for the brookies currently.

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    Default Re: Brown Vs. Speckled

    Probably the biggest thing weighing in brown's favor is their diet preferences. At 12-14inches, browns switch from being primarily insectivorous to becoming primarily piscivorous. This means, bigger food items, and faster growth. Also, brown's solitary nature spreads them out in the wild which means less chance of over-crowding and stunting.

    Anyways, that's my 2 cents. We have a lake out here with the same situation. Browns are always bigger.

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