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    So the initial plan for this past Sunday was to hit the Chinook opener on another river. Unfortunately on Friday I received an email from my buddy. You see we have had pretty constant rain here for a while; and as the email’s title read “The roads are F***ed”.

    So plan B was to hit some Stillwater action. Unfortunately due to some other issues that came up that was a no go as well. So I am sitting at my house come Saturday evening with a “kitchen pass” to go fishing and no idea where to go.

    Well at around 2300 I decided to hit a river I have not fished in about three months. The river is not a crazy distance away so I really didn’t mind when my alarm woke me at 0600. By this time the sun was already up. I got in my car and went to the river.

    I got geared up headed down to the water and began to fish. After a while of nothing I began to wonder why my secret combo was not working. It has always produced in this river but not today (other than one LDR that felt like it was foul hooked). After trying a few different combos I decided to try something really different. I tied on a tan SJ worm on as my 3rd fly. That seemed to do the trick.

    However after several fish that were around this size I decided to change again. I know this hole well and I also know that there are some nice sized fish in it. I decided to go with a combo I haven’t used on this river in a while. I went to a two fly rig: a #16 pheasant tail and a #18 zebra midge in red. I guess that is what they wanted today.

    Netting the first guy

    And the release

    Unfortunately out of all the flies I had with me, I only had one zebra midge in red. After four more fish around the same size (some a little smaller and some a little larger) that poor fly was really beat up to the point in unraveled.

    I decided to try a black zebra midge the same size but I had no luck with it. Curious if it was just the red they were keying in on I tied on a blood midge; however I had no luck with this either.

    About that time I noticed two anglers a little too close to me down river. Yes I had been low holed….. I said something but they did not speak good English (Guessing from the accent I would guess that they were from somewhere in Eastern Europe). Since I was out of what the fish wanted and I had already caught quite a few fish; I decided to pack it up and head home.

    Overall it wasn’t a bad day. I got out, caught fish and had a good time. I guess it wasn’t too bad considering it was plan C.

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    Looks like the Owyhee. I was there today, landed one and had a ldr. Both up near the dam. I too kept getting pushed out of spots. I'd get into a spot, no one in sight, fish for a half hour or so, and there'd be anglers in the same party on either side of me within 50 or so yards. Frustrating. I did have a good time though and the weather was great.

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    Great report as usual Sasha...It's great to have options... My options for my favorite streams has been watch the weather and pray we get no more rain...


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    Some nice fish there... not a bad result after A & B fell through...

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    Sasha: As usual, a great trip report and photos, very entertaining to read! Sorry about the other fisherman not giving enough room.


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    One of the main reasons that river was plan C is due to the warm weather crowds. In the winter I can go there and have the place to myself. Sure it is cold as hell but I don't have to deal with the crowds.

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