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Thread: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

  1. Default Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    I have been fly fishing for a couple weeks and have been harassing the local smallmouths and bluegills and having a blast. Smallmouth adventure to a new river today didnt pan out so I stopped off at another river just to see if i could catch a trout. I honestly didnt expect to see any as this river is very popualr around here and recieves lots of pressure during the spring and local people usally say river if fished out. What I saw was several big trout and it was very frustrating to me not to be able to entice any to look at my flies. I have a very limited number of flys and no idea how to read a river so i tried basically everything i had and only caught one small sucker. There was one pool where the water was around seven foot deep or so and there were three big rainbows eating something off the bottom like crazy. Definetly have alot of reading to do. Never thought i would get into flyfishing for trout but now im determined to learn everything i can and catch those fish. I had tried everything in my flybox and was tempted to try my smallmout poppes but didnt think that woud Very frustrating to see fifteen or so what i would consider big trout and not beable to make them hit.

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    Default Re: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    I'm not sure where your located, but if you can find a flyshop nearby, they can be very helpfull in making usre your fishing the right fly's for the season. One fly that rarely isn't applicable at any time is either a hares ear or pheasant tail nymph. both are rather easy to tye and are standards for sale...even at general sports stores. Nymphing is the best way to get into trout as 80% of what they eat is sub surface. one of the easiest ways to fly fish is to swing nymphs or wet fly's. basically cast across stream and let the fly/flys drift down stream while sinking closer to the bottom then they swing across the stream below you and rise to the surface as the do so. that rise is a trigger so let it sit at the end of the swing before flop/roll casting back up/across. Main thing is to add weight to make sure your getting your nymphs down close to the bottom as the fish hold in the bottom 5".

    of course this is general info and situations vary infinitely but GRHE and PTN nymphs mimic so many bugs...size 16 is a good start.

    good luck and just keep at it....remembering that a line slack in the water is better than being at work.

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    Default Re: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    I agree with futuramille....

    As you learn you might reduce the size of the fly and the size of the tippet. The smaller the better usually works for me. And when nymphing look for those small takes.. Like the indicator pausing in stream for a split second. or moving in a different direction.

    It took me a season to work in fishing doubles. Now I do it all the time and believe my takes have increased factors.

    Enjoy... this fly fishing thing is a journey...


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    Default Re: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    these guys kind of nailed it already
    find a river that holds trout and fish it with a variety of flies/presentations.
    trial and error will eventually get you on some fish.
    also, take a walk and search for water less traveled.
    good luck



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    Default Re: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    You just described the area around here in NC and a delayed harvest stream that has seen lots of pressure. I feel your pain as once the fish have been in the water a while down here they have seen just about everything thrown at them up to and including live bait, Powerbait and casting nets!
    Try something very tiny and deep, like a Zebra Midge and a lot of lead. The midge may not appear to be able to bite back and will force you to use very fine tippet to get in into the hook eye. Usually at this time of year most streams are running clear. This is when fine leaders or tippet pay off.
    Also, very first and last light of the day seems to bring trouts guard down a bit.

  6. Default Re: Fist time fly fishing for trout and not what I expected at all

    Perhaps turning over and inspecting a few rocks up stream, and seining for floaty treats in that are tumbling near the bottom will help you dial in the size and color of what they are picking at down on the bottom.

    Also, if you haven't tried it, a highly pressured hole may require a stealthy approach, if you can find a casting position in the shade, out of sight, stay low, approach from behind, and still present to the feeding zone with the proper food imitation, a feeding fish is a catchable fish.

    Not sure where you are, but the water may be getting quite warm as well, 7' feet down feeding on the bottom, they may not be very inclined to move very far. Advice above about getting your fly deep is likely crucial. Don't be afraid to do a little dredging and lose a fly or two finding the sweet spot.

    Good luck.


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