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    Default Re: Other Fish than Trout Photos

    Shad caught in Washington, DC
    shas dc.jpg


    Shad fishing bycatch


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    Default Re: Other Fish than Trout Photos

    I think this is a Peamouth. This was caught in a part of a river I fish often and I thought I had a huge trout or smaller steelhead. Not until I had it near me that I knew it was neither.

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    Default Fall Salmon Run

    A river near me has a Spring and Fall salmon run.
    This year the Fall run went past the end of the legal fishing season (Oct. 31) unfortunately.
    But, while the season was open the fishing was very good.




    Last Spring I built a 10' 5 wt. Sage ONE partly with this river in mind. I've used it now a few times and really like it. It's extremely accurate up to 70-75 feet out and handled 6-10 lb. salmon easily. Accuracy is important in this place because of the reeds along the river. You need to place the fly into 12-18" spaces between the reeds along the opposite bank. Fun when you have a rod that makes that easier.
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    Default Re: Fall Salmon Run

    I caught five of these in an hour on the snake river and canít figure out what they are. I thought they were carp, but some friends are saying they a june sucker or some other type of sucker, or a white fish. Iíve never seen a 30Ē sucker or white fish, so I stand by that itís a carp. I really wasnít expecting to get into carp euro nymphing in February. Man these guys really put up a fight for a about five minutes and then they just give up.

    Edit: Google searches suggest that it's a large scale sucker.
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