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cpiercem 08-21-2011 11:25 AM

Idaho Creeks Part 1
A Tale of Two Creeks Part 1 Aug 10
Well, actually I visited more than two, but I only really liked (aka did well at) two out of four creeks. The other two were ok but were smaller, mud challenged, and the fish were few and small. Plus I had already gotten spoiled at the first stream. All of the creeks were ones I have visited before, but it is such great fun to renew acquaintanceship with old friends. Besides this spring drug out the runoff for so long I didnít think I would ever get up into the higher creeks. Anticipation is an appetite builder, and I always [want what isnít available right now!
I had such a great time fishing these that my biggest challenge has been choosing what pictures to use, so forgive me for bombarding you all with a mess of fish! I think I am developing a real love affair with wild cutthroat trout! Yes, I am addicted and cannot stop on my own. Where are the 12 steps when you need them??? Anyone else in the group need councling???
The first creek was one I visited on Aug 10th and it was a fun stream, but there were more people around than I expected. The fish were willing and plentiful, and I spent the day exploring a ways both up and downstream. It looks like the system is healthy as I caught a variety of sizes of wild cutts. Plenty of dinks and a few hogs that I missed or spooked.

The fish were both Yellowstone fine spotted and large spotted cutthroats. They were willing and eager to grab dries off the surface. I think I caught most on a small green elk hair caddis. I had several to start with, but by the end of the day I only had hooks with a few wisps of green and broken pieces of elk hair attached. A good epitaph for the demise of a fly is some pictures of the killers.

This one shows how very well these fish blend in to the stream.

The colors on these were so amazing. I am saddened that much of it doesnít really show in the snapshots.

This was a great creek and I still want to explore more of it. I left because there were more people there than I expected, and more campfires than I could deal with. So I went to a different little stream in the same drainage. It had a lot of moss lower down and more mud sides and bottom in the meadow section higher up. I am probably doing this stream an injustice because I didnít really explore further up than I did. I was definitely spoiled by the first creek. So I camped for the night and fished a little that evening and the next morning, but I only took a picture or two. It was good that I decided to check a different stream out as I really had a ball at the next stop.

caseywise 08-21-2011 11:39 AM

Re: Idaho Creeks Part 1
great pics:D:D
beautiful fish and water!


cpiercem 08-21-2011 11:46 AM

Re: Idaho Creeks Part 1
When I tried to put the other sections together here under the first part it wouldn't let me. So if a monitor could group them together I think it would be better, but either way is ok by me.

rockriver 08-21-2011 03:41 PM

Re: Idaho Creeks Part 1
Nice area and nice trout.

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