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  1. Default Dog Days of Summer (Oregon)

    Went fishing today on the Willamette river and on Fall Creek to some old haunts that always provided fish. I am recently back fly fishing after a long dry spell and am stumped. I started the day on the Willamette casting some hoppers close to the banks and in many holes and riffles that i always caught fish in the past...NOTHING! Tried small attractor drys, caddis etc...NOTHING. Tried nymphing a while as well, possie bugger, prince nymph, copper john etc., NOTHING! Sat in a few spots and studied the river for quite some time and saw no fish feeding, top or bottom. Went over to try my hand on the smaller waters at Fall Creek, a stretch below the dam that always at least provided some smaller fish. Drys, nymphs, wets etc.. NOTHING! Nor did I see any activity. What is going on here???

    I broke my Orvis a decade ago and havent fished since. Last month I sent the rod to be repaired by Orvis while the 25 year warranty is still good. Fast turn around and the rod repair was done beautifully...looks like new. Tied about 100 flies while waiting for the rod to arrive and had visions of trout with every fly I tied. It was all coming back to me and my excitement was really building up...NOW THIS DOG DAYS SUMMER thing! Yikes, what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for any words of hope.


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    Default Re: Dog Days of Summer (Oregon)

    hey chris,
    welcome back to the sport!
    hope to hear more of your fishing adventure in the future



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    Thanks Casey.

    Hopefully next time I will have better things to report. I brought my camera and everything this time sure I was going to have photo op or two...guess that was my downfall.

    The water was beautiful though and it felt good to cast a line...wind knots and all.


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    Default Re: Dog Days of Summer (Oregon)

    Some days the fish just seem to be happy doing nothing, especially feeding. Next time could be different, that's what keeps us going back, those visions like you had for a fish on every fly. Did you try any midges? Riffles below small waterfalls usually hold fish this time of year too with the extra oxygen. Take some coffee or your favorite drink and some snacks and just enjoy the river. Some thing will happen soon. Fish have to eat sometime!
    "I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience...because only in the woods can I find solitude without lonliness..." Robert Traver 1964 (Judge John Voelker)

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    Default Re: Dog Days of Summer (Oregon)

    Don't let a slow day or two get you down. There are times when I wonder if there are any fish in this river, I've said that more than once. The truth is that when they aren't where you think they should be or where you always used to find them, they are there somewhere. I spend more time looking for fish than I do catching them and it's been this way for a long time.

    What model is your rod? I'm an Orvis rod owner also,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys.

    It is hard to believe that in ten years or so I could have forgotten so much. It has truly been a long time since I cast a line and I am sure it will take time to learn the secrets of the seasons once again. I used to be able to find a place within an hours drive of home where trout were ready and willing to take a fly at any time of the year. Don't get me wrong...I still remember the stretches of rivers, the small wooded creeks, the spring creek rainbows of the Metolius and the Atlantics of Hosmer lake like it was yesterday. I have never forgot them really. After all, how could I when I spent every spare moment for more than a decade in pursuit of them? Sometimes at the expense of family and relationships. Yes it was and still is addicting and I never lost the passion to do it, just the time. Thank goodness that has changed and I have my head back on my shoulders where it belongs.

    Blowing the dust off the little gear that remains brought back lots of good memories. The Orvis net is in great shape still but I see the trend, for the well being of the fish has gone to knotless mesh net material which is great. Maybe the local fly shop will have a replacement that will fit the teardrop ash frame of mine. I think my vest was lost in a radical garage cleaning a few years back when I had to close my eyes and throw things into the trash dumpster...I had been becoming somewhat of a hoarder and it seemed the thing to do at the time. For now I am just using a little fanny pack thing which holds a fly box or two, floatant, tippets, indicators etc..

    Ard, the only fly rod I have now is the Orvis. It is a 1991 Henry's Fork 5 weight 2 piece. It is the Western Series which at the time was a massive bargain. I cannot remember the price but it features the exact same blank that the Superfines had, just cheaper hardware. It is the best casting rod for my style that I have used and I will keep it forever. The old unsanded Superfine blanks were and still are great. I poured over the Orvis catalog back in 1991 for hours...days, reading each rods description over and over till my eyes hurt. I put a lot of research into that decision and feel I came up with a winner. I was poor at the time, still am really, so this kind of decision took lots of thought. That was alot of money then. It came down to the Far and Fine or the Henry's Fork and the latter won the contest. I needed something that could cast a delicate presentation when needed yet still reach out across the McKenzie or Willamette in windy conditions while balancing on the bow of a drift boat casting a weighted fly. It performs these task great although I found out today my casting skills are not up to par with the rod...yet! Not like it used to be.

    It is good to be back.


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