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Thread: Egg Patterns

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    Default Egg Patterns

    Now I like to catch trout while matching the hatch as much as the next guy. But some days they just do not cooperate and I am forced to go to the good old egg pattern. Most recently I have been tying a yellow egg with a gold beadhead that has about ten wraps of lead on the hook. It is a killer on stockers and well as wild browns. Any other creative egg patters/colors that have been especially successful for you.

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    i started tying veiled blue with white veil.
    Also psycho spawn ( a sucker spawn derivative) are good too.

    Post a photo of your egg or put a pattern in the fly patters forum.

    All variations of the same fly are good in my book.


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    Default Re: Egg Patterns

    GMF, George McFly was a regular contributer here but has been absent for some time. The link I am pasting is from the share patterns forum, he called this his "Egg sucking Stone" pattern. If you search the Share Patterns forum for his posts on egg patterns you'll find a bunch of them. George was our egg specialist. The posts will be at least a year old or more so you will have to go back to page 18 to begin finding them.

    egg sucking stone!

    Hope that helps,


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    Thanks for that info on the link. I love the McFly foam. I will try to get a pic of my eff and post it up. Hopefully George will return. Blus is the next color I am going to start testing out. Steelhead season will soon be upon us.

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    I have been lucky to meet Jeff Blood, inventor of the Blood Dot. He ties a pattern that is really easy and very good. Originally designed for OH/PA Steelhead it works on brownies just as well. Here is a link of how he ties it.

    [ame=]episode58.mp4 - YouTube[/ame]

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    Anyone have a good link for tying in a veil? Also what is you favorite egg hooks. I have been very pleased with Dihichi scud styles of late.

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    Default Re: Egg Patterns

    Tracker, I like the Eagle Claw style 42 hook for egg patterns, it has a slight offset shank that helps with hooking on the smaller flies.

    For a veil, tye a sparse amount of egg veil or combed out egg yarn on the front of your hook; then tye your egg. When you're finished push the veil back over your egg.

    For small eggs I tye the veil in, then dub ice dub in the color I want and wrap a small ball. Sounds simple which it is, but makes a very nice looking small egg for low clear water...


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    A killer fly for stocker trout is y2k fly. I do not resort to this any more because it makes your fishing ridiculously easy. But when I am in Hail Mary mode where nothing works and you have to go home soon, I have used them.
    It is a egg pattern with two different colors of egg yarn. But you want to cut the yarns in a way that they look more like an attractor pattern. Look up youtube video and you will find the recipe.
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