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    Default Re: Rod for Great Lakes Salmon and Steel...need desprite help~

    Well...i figured i would let you guys know how it went.

    First and all were absolutely correct. A 6 weight is not enough gun! While i did land some fish and did not break the rod, i lost a lot more fish and had zero control of all but the smallest Jacks...and even they were pretty out of control. I had planned to use my 7 weight but this turned into more of an experiment than anything else. My reel, a Pflueger medalist 1494 held up to the task and the powerful lightning quick runs and gave a perfect performance. While the stopping power wasn't the strongest, it was adequate and smooth. The rod a Winston BIIX 6x9 spent the bulk of its day bent into the cork! Way underpowered as i mention previously. After my experience with 25 plus hookups i would forgo even the 8 weight rods and look at a strong 9 minimum! I would feel pretty good about a Pflueger medalist 1495 with its larger capacity. I had a WF6 Sharkskin and 100 yards of 25lb backing on the smaller 1494 and was totally spooled once on a 40 pound fish. The fish took off so quickly that by the time i grabbed the spool and straightened the rod out the fish was 75 yards into the backing. The backing broke surprisingly and i watched a $100 fly line shoot down the river! Fortunately a fellow angler grabbed it for me and the fish had already broke off (probably foul hooked).

    It was so odd to see that many huge fish in such a small river! The Betsie was totally packed with fresh Kings and anglers! Literally shoulder to shoulder. I was surprised that everyone seemed to get a long and i did not see one problem and actually a lot of laughing and back slapping and strangers helping others land hot fish! Not at all what i expected.

    In summary...go with at least an 8 weight...better with a 9 or 10!

    Thanks to Ard, Burk, Dan and all the others who offered their expertise! See you all on the Betsie Lou!
    The best laid plans of mice and men...

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    Default Re: Rod for Great Lakes Salmon and Steel...need desprite help~

    Good info and thanks for the report.

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