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    all rod companys are different.. they have different models... each rod in that model is different.. some may need a heavier line, as they could have gotten too much material in the mfg proccess.. if they are overweight this could possibly be the case.. as you learn to cast it, and try different lines, you and your rod will come to a compromise as to what you should cast for your type of fishing, and terminal tackle.. .. i think its worse than getting married... at least they dont use your toothpaste... its like gettin a puppy.. just when youv figgered out it wont hunt, and your going to take it out and bury it behind the shed, it comes up in the middle of the night and licks you on the nose , so then you have another dog in the house ... dave...

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    I don't mean this as an attack either, but I don't understand the advice about not overlining the rod, but to use a heavier line in the recommended weight. If a given brand of a 5 weight line is heavier than all of the other 5 weight lines then wouldn't he be overlining the rod by using that line? Wouldn't the best advice be to try some lines and see which works best for him? Of course, if you don't have some extra lines laying around or a fly shop that will let you do some testing, that could get expensive.

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    It's a 5w. Use 5w line. It might preform better with a WF, might do better with a DT. It might come to life with a TT. Different tapers, same weight.
    Flyline is determined by the first 30' of line in grains.
    Sinking line is a little different. The faster sinking lines you might want to go a weight larger because of the smaller diameter of the line.
    If Sage says it's a 5w, and Joe Blow says use a 6w line. I'm going with the manufacture recommendation.
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    Keb, You could go to a local flyshop and see if they would let you cast it with a few of their demo reels. Usually flyshops have demo reels with different lines and weights for those who want to test cast a rod before buying it. They usually aren't the highest quality lines but you can get a good idea on how it will feel with different wt lines. Just a thought!

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    Default Re: Need advice on Fly Line choice

    Could someone offer an explanation of overlining only being necessary for a given rod when the line diameter gets small? I just can't wrap my brain around that.

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    Cliff, I can tell you that on a sinking line where the diameter is smaller, to go one up is going to load up easier for me (slow the rod down) plus it is going to shoot better. I know it doesn't sink faster, just loads up better.
    I am however a firm believer to go with rod weight on all lines. If that isn't the right feel, try a TT or a DT, and if that still doesn't feel right.....get a different action rod.

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    Default Re: Need advice on Fly Line choice

    I would think that even though it is smaller in diameter, it is still designed for a specific wt rod. So a small diameter 5wt sinking line should still load a 5wt rod. Any time you over line a rod you are slowing its action. I don't mind over-lining a rod if it meets my requirements for a particular rod. I don't have a room full of rods like Jonie, so I will over line in some cases. My favorite rod is a Sage RPL+ 9'6" 5wt. When I fish nymphs with an indicator, a couple of flies and maybe a split shot, I prefer to use a SA GPX line. The slightly over weight line works for me.

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