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Thread: someone help me please

  1. Exclamation someone help me please

    ok here is the senario.....i want to get into flyfishing but dont have much money to spend, if found 2 rods and i want to know which rod is better.
    a 8' crystal river combo 6/7 weight.
    Im not looking to get hardcore into the sport just somethin extra to do.

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    It depends on which Martin rod it is. Martin has about five rods these day. The Caddis Creek and the Martin Complete rods are junk. The Martin Mill Creek, Rolling Fork and Mohawk River are pretty good rods for the money. Those three rods and the Crystal River rods are about the same regarding quality, castibility, etc...

    The Martin Mt.Brook and Mohawk River reels are good and are an excellent value.

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    I'd say save your money a little longer and don't get either one. Save up for a TFO or even a cheap Cabela's rod. One thing I learned after getting into flyfishing, if you buy cheap, you will be buying a better one not long after because cheap doesn't last. Waders, boots, vest, rods, reels, ect. I bought cheap to start with and looking back, it was a waste of money because nothing lasted and I ended up buying better quality gear. I'd stay away from the rod and reals at the ### mart stores. Is that where you saw those?

    You don't have to spend $600 either to get something of quality. You can pick up a good reel from $80 and up. I bought an Okuma Serria 5/6 for $35 that I still have on my first rod. For $35, it is not a bad reel at all if your fishing trout. You can also get a decent rod in the $120 range that will keep you content for awhile. Just my 2 cents.
    Good luck.

    Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*

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    I say search Ebay. I got my rod for $79, which normally woyld have gone for $250. Just have to keep an eye open.

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    the cabela's rods aren't bad. The sage Launch series rods are only 175ish and they are easily the best rod in the price range.

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    All of the above responses are good advice. For the most part, they are personal opinions but they're very sound in their thinking.

    You should really decide what is the absolute most that you can spend. You don't want to skimp on price. Don't go out and purchase for the cheapest outfit just because its the cheapest outfit.

    Presently, you seem to be doing the right thing. You're doing some research. While you may get conflicting opinions on which rod is the best for a certain price range... their thoughts on not getting a cheap outfits remains consistent.

    The problem with cheap fly rods is that they do not cast as easily as better rods. These rods are especially hard to learn with.

    Many, many times I've seen the scenario where someone buys a very inexpensive outfit because they're not sure if they'll like fly fishing or not. Then they have trouble learning to cast because the combo is not an easy outfit to learn on. Then they become frustrated and lose interest. So, my advice is to always purchase as nice of an outfit as you can afford, keeping in mind the rod and fly line are the two most important components. A good fly rod will shorten your learning curve and make casting much more enjoyable. I would not recommend spending less than $100 on an outfit... you really do get what you pay for most of the time.

    If this is your first fly rod then I recommend a medium action rod instead of a fast action rod. (do your homework) Medium action rods are the best to learn with. Personally, I prefer medium action rods in my 6wts and under. I enjoy the feel of a medium action much more than a fast rod. This allows you more accurate casts. It requires less effort (if your doing it right). Towards the end of the day, when my arm is tired, my casts do not suffer as much because the rod is more forgiving of my tired and sloppy casting stroke.

    Truthfully... without observing your casting style, it’s hard to make a sound recommendation as to what you should do regarding your rod selection. The thing is... you're not going to be stuck with one rod for the rest of your life. I would probably lean toward advising you to get a medium action, 5wt, 9ft rod for now. As you progress you may want to kick it up a notch and get a faster rod... but maybe not.

    I can't tell you how much you must spend... just don't go cheap. And not knowing what your price range truly is... its really fruitless to start listing all the good outfits that fit within various price ranges. What is your max price? $50, $100, $150, $200, more?

    I realize that conflicting opinions can be hard to absorb sometimes. We may not all agree... but we all have an opinion... and that doesn't mean that anyone is wrong. You just need to take all this information in and try to make the best decision for you. None of us can really tell you what to do. But maybe we can help keep you from making a big mistake.

    This is also part of the fun of fly fishing. Trying different rods and new gear. If it works out... great. If it doesn't... sell the stuff and get more.

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    look at the clearance sections in cablelas or try to find someone willing to sell you an old rod. the reel is not that important in trout fishing. check out hook and hackle company online....every order online is 20% off. go to your local trout unlimted and see if someone will take you out or let you borrow some dvds on casting/fly fishing.

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    thanks guys

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    I have even a less expensive option to throw out there. How about finding someone that fly fishes and ask them if they could teach you how to fly fish. More than likely they will have an old outfit that you can borrow. This way you can find out if fly fishing is a good fit for you and then you can determine how much money you want to spend on the sport.
    Good Luck.

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    Check out your local community college. They often will have fly fishing classes for beginners, especially if you are in trout country. Often they will have complete sets of rods, reels and flys for you to see and use. There may be a local Trout Unlimited club you can go to and just tell them what you are up to. A lot of the guys and gals there will be more than happy to help you out, watch your casting and offer pointers, etc. Several fishing stores will have inexpensive classes (free?) as well and they will offer you several rods to try out. They want a sale eventually, but they know making them available now will lead to future customers.

    Good luck and keep checking things out. You're never too old to learn and it sure beats spending money you don't really have to spend and then finding out you made the wrong choice.

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