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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    nice pics!
    what a brushy stream indeed
    great job on navigating that jungle!



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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    Yikes, that's some narrow casting alleys! They should make something like that for the big fly fishing shows so all the big hero casters get to see what real world casting is all about!

    Beautiful pics, beautiful place, thanks for sharing. Nice.

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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    Great "report", man. That is a lovely little stream with wonderful rewards! Those are great fish for that size water. I am jealous. I haven't done any bush whacking this year...dang it...but there is still time!

    Those brownies are a treasure for sure. We all want the big pig brown, but a fat 14" fish like those you show are so worth the effort. And those Cutts are nothing to scoff at.

    To me, the size of the water dictates the joy factor for the size of fish. And if I find water that skinny that gives up that many 10-12" fish, that's as good as catching 18" fish on the big water. I'll take it any day.

    Have you tried plopping a big fat streamer at the head of that beaver dam? It'll spoke all those pesky "teenagers" for sure, but might just **** off their parents! The time is coming.

    I can't wait to get out again! Thanks for the inspiration...there are two place on my list for the near future. I love the autumn!

    --Sorry to offend the censor, is that a bad word??

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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    Now that is grade A stuff.

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    Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    good report

  7. Default Re: Browns, Brush, and Beaver Dams

    This gives new meaning to the phrase "in the thick of it". Looks like it was worth the trouble. Those are some nice fish to catch on a 3wt. Sweet. Thanks.

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