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  1. Default Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    So we were fishing a section of the provo river, beautiful day but the fishing was somewhat slow, until we got to one particular hole. the entire hole may be 10x10' and it produced 15 trout and whitefish, one after the other. Unfortunately I had moved downstream, but two of my friends just killed it in this one hole, and just took turns pulling hoggers out of the hole. It amazed me that one hole could hold so many fish, and so many BIG fish at that. heres some pictures to give you an idea, these were 3 fish caught back to back, all first casts into the hole.

    we're pretty sure that the whitefish was a state record, the pictures dont give the thing justice, and the colors on the browns were unbelievable.

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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    This time of year, one has to pick and choose Brown Trout holes very carefully. All those large fish in such a small area during this time of year, brilliant colors on a Brown, and an opportunistic Whitefish usually means it is spawning time.

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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    Yeah, a small hole stacked with big females this time of year probably means spawning time. Be extra careful handling them and maybe consider not fishing there for the next couple weeks. Also, try to avoid wading through gravel beds this time of year.

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    ahhh thats what I was wondering. We had talked to some of the local experts who had said that they weren't spawning yet, so we really weren't looking for it, but I will certainly head back to the shops and see what they think, hopefully they didn't mess anything up

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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    I have never seen a white fish with that mouth before? Or is it the angle of the photo.

    Crazy big fish for sure!

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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    Two things I'll add to the comments already made, 1: those don't look like hens to me. 2: I wouldn't go tell anybody about that!

    This time of year all the browns start to search out the spawning grounds. The hens (generally smaller) will be choosing the gravel at the tail-out of the pools & runs while the males will form bachelor groups and hang out together until the scent of ripe hens is prevalent. Once the hens are actively fanning out a bed the dominant male will be close by with a pod of subordinate suiters waiting just down stream. Throughout the days the subordinates will challenge the head honcho and he will spend considerable time running them off. Each time he pursues another fish and is gone just a few seconds too long another subordinate will move into position next to the hen. When Bubba returns those fish just drift down to the staging area and wait of the next shot at that bed.

    Now I know that the sight of trout usually larger than you are used to seeing showing themselves in relatively shallow runs is a hard thing to pass up. I've been there, I've caught many of them but as the years went on I began to understand the stress level that that dominate fish is dealing with already. When I catch a boss fish and play him until I can land him he is weakened. This simply opens the door for the smaller and less dominate fish to make their move on the hen. If the timing is right, or you could say all wrong, the moment of truth will come while that boss trout is hiding out trying to regain his composure after having been caught. This scenario is a similar model to the selective harvesting and subsequent breeding of white tail deer. If you want lots of 12 point racks you need the 12 point buck doing the breeding not the spike or fork horn buck.

    I won't say whether I think it's right or wrong to fish the spawner's but I will say that one must use discretion if doing so. To camp out on them until every big boy in a hole or run has been shocked by being caught may not be the best strategy. That is why I opened by saying I wouldn't tell anyone about that. Granted some will find the mother-load on their own and so be it, but to tell the people at the fly shop will send an inordinate number of trophy hunters to the honey hole and I think you can guess the results of that. Here in AK. I never go where the guy at the counter tells me is the hot spot. Why, well because since we aren't lifelong friends I must assume he is telling every customer the same thing. Not exactly what I would call proprietary Intel, this results in me fishing far from the hot spots and often I may get fewer fish. Conversely I sometimes find a treasure trove of fish and the one thing that will not exist at the honey hole; I will be alone, that's how I get those pictures that look like I was fishing in the wilderness. I was,


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    ^ WOW great information. I am fairly new to the sport so I didn't realize all of the repercussions of over-fishing the hole but I did figure that the person I was with knew plenty, he has been fishing his whole life. One thing is that it is his private land, so it wont be fished again for a while and he really isn't ruining anyone elses fishing.

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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    If it's on private property you must be on the upper Provo. Nice fish btw.
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    Default Re: Multiple Hoggers, 1 Hole

    I understand the temptation..

    I like HardyReels post

    I do like the places (like Depuy's for example) that close the spawning areas to fishing.

    Nice to watch the size of the fish in there.. you know there's going to be a good population of fish in the years ahead.

    And different trout spawn at different times (not 100% but I think these are correct)

    Brown in fall
    Rainbows in spring
    Cutthroat in spring

    And that is the fattest Whitefish I've ever seen.. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    If it's on private property you must be on the upper Provo. Nice fish btw.
    correct on that one!

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