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    My fishing buddy and I are looking into buying a raft in early 2012 but have no experience drifting. We live in colorado so know that we need a raft, and not a drift boat due to the rapids and lower flows.

    From what I have gathered, it appears an AIRE super duper puma (14') and an NRS frame seem to be the best bet but we would like to have a firm floor if we can.

    Thinks we would like

    firm flooring
    ice chest capable, under a chair preferred
    storage box, under a chair preferred
    anchor system
    3 person capable
    rod holders and support mounts.

    Looking for opinions from people of experience.


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    I have an odc 3 man pontoon, and two buddies with rafts. The rafts are nice, but a bit sluggish compared to the pontoon. Also the pontoon is MUCH easier to move around and lighter. Your criteria for your raft isn't unreasonable but will be costly and heavy.

    Be sure you get plenty of practice rowing before you get on moving water. Understand how you're raft moves and how each stroke affects movement.

    Good luck, floating opens up a lot of new fishing opportunities!
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